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Dr. Sun Yat – Sen Gardens + The Last Tailor of Chinatown

Happy Lunar New Year!  Let’s celebrate by checking out Chinatown’s tucked away gem + meet a Chinatown pioneer!

Jeff + I really haven’t been having very many adventures lately due to the fact that every weekend we are busily trying to get the house ready for Baby Fayle.  I love my adventures so we’ll have squeeze a couple more in before the due date!


We attended the 100th Anniversary for Chinatown’s Modernize Tailors last November held at Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.Modernize - 01

As we walked into the crowded room, Bill Wong was at the podium telling stories of his childhood.  The Wong family contributes so much to the history of Vancouver + the richness of the Chinese immigration.Modernize - 02

I was keeping my eye on the cake….num, num, num.  Me want….Modernize - 03

Bill was recounting the times in China when he + his brother would chop down sugar cane.  They would chew on the sweet fibers until they were sick to their stomachs!  As he was telling the story, staff passed around cubes of sugar cane for all the guests!!!Modernize - 05

When Bill was done speaking, cake was served (yay for me!) + guests mingled + enjoyed the Modernize Tailor historical timelines posted along the walls.  Check out this lady in the faboo orange ensemble.  Sassy!  I was obsessed with her + I told her she looked amazing.Modernize - 04

Bill had many admirers + well wishers wanting to have a few words with him.  We were there FOREVER because Jeff was obsessed with Bill.  He kept circling him, lingering, waiting for his chance to chat with him.  Like a stalker.Modernize - 06

If that was me, I’d be in the front of the line!  But I’m aggressive like that.  Jeff was shy.  Finally, I chatted up one of Bill’s relatives who got us an audience him!  Finally!  Poor Bill was looking pooped out at that point!  But he is still 91 years young!Modernize - 07

Jeff was so star struck!  Modernize Tailors is still operating + in high demand.  They’ve tailored suits for celebrities + feature films have had suits made by them.  Jeff has dropped off + picked up suits at Modernize Tailors for movies he has worked on.Modernize - 08

After I managed to drag Jeff away from Bill, we walked around the gardens.Modernize - 09

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Garden has been named No. 1 on a list of city gardens around the world in a book from National Geographic!Modernize - 10

It’s so tranquil enclosed by high walls to block out the chaos of the city.Modernize - 12

The fall colors were really showing themselves off!Modernize - 13

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was a nationalist who traveled the world to raise awareness of, and funding for, the Chinese nationalist movement. Sun Yat-Sen stayed in Vancouver on three different occasions for extended periods.Modernize - 14

Little duckies lazily enjoying the afternoon…Modernize - 15

Gorgeous archway.Modernize - 16

It was really peaceful + beautiful slowly walking around the garden.  I highly recommend it as a getaway – a chance to quiet your mind!Modernize - 17

Here’s a cool building with an old school neon that I took a picture of outside of Chinatown.Modernize - 18

Whenever we are in downtown or Chinatown, Jeff always pops in a 7-11 or a store + buys a sandwich (or some type of food) + water.  Then he finds people in need to give them to.Modernize - 19

Here’s to the Year of the Horse!  And to a year of giving, kindness + peace!




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  1. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    Gong He Xin Xi….nian xing da yun of the Horse !!!!!
    hi, Nan, enjoyed your photo’s as always, good stuff!!!
    the arch-way shots are terrific, yaaah, love the stalker
    Jeff,…thats hilarious Jeff was slightly intimidated by a
    icon…lol !!!!! ok, best 2, Jeff, Megs & Baby Fayle, take
    care, hope all is well, miss U, talk soon, Love Dad’s

    February 1, 2014
  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can find the details on my latest posting at Best, M at Life Matters.

    February 2, 2014
    • Thanks so much for the nomination! And thanks so much for the follow! I’m really, really, really bad at questionnaires! But I appreciate the thought!

      February 2, 2014
  3. Jeff is such a goodnik! You picked a good one to be a soon-to-be-papa! Carol tells me that the Huntington has been doing a big, phase 2 expansion of their Chinese garden. I fantasize about us getting to stroll and visit with our kids someday soon! Much love!

    February 2, 2014
  4. Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Horsey Babies to us both 🙂

    February 3, 2014
  5. Shelli,

    I did not know this place existed. I have been missing China so much. Looks like we will have to check this garden out next time we are in Vancouver.


    P.s. That is awesome that you hubby is always looking to spread love and kindness!!!

    February 28, 2014
    • It’s a gorgeous garden! I bet in spring time it will be even more amazing! Jeff always surprises me. I can be really callous at times + he helps me soften my edges!

      March 1, 2014

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