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Pregnancy – Dropping Things

No one really talks about how you will be dropping stuff when you’re pregnant.  It’s often + it’s really annoying.

I’m going to start a series of pregnancy related mini posts.  Friends + family have been wondering why I haven’t been writing more about my pregnancy, so here goes!  Partners, keep reading because maybe it’ll help you understand what the heck is going on when your lady seems to have checked out + lost her mind.

In your first trimester when your hormones start going haywire, you will not be able to grip anything if your life depended on it.  It will be as if anything you touch is covered in a coat of slippery vaseline.  Just like – BAM – one minute you’re holding something, the next it drops out of your claws.  Like this.  DROP.

And you’re standing there blankly like that kangaroo going, “DUUUUhhhhh.  What?”.

There’s actually an explanation for this.  The placenta releases a hormone known as “relaxin” during pregnancy which relaxes your muscles and ligaments, and loosens your joints.  Getting you ready for that baby to stretch the heck out your uterus.  And also giving you flexible joints and more curvature in the back to prepare for popping that sucker out.

Plus, you’re always exhausted from growing a human being, so that doesn’t help with your coordination either.







Going into the third trimester, my coordination has sort of come back.  But now that I’ve got a beach ball attached to my body, dropping things becomes a whole different issue.  Because of your massive girth, dropping something is sort of like this:Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.04.49 PM

No joke.  It’s as if that item on the floor might as well be miles away from my grasp.

Whenever I drop something I make a face similar to this:Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.12.01 PM

Then I bend down, joints in pain, huffing + puffing.  Don’t get me started on the struggle of trying to stand back up!  Your center of gravity is so crazy with your belly!!!

So there you have it.  Dropping things.

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  1. SusanZ #

    Love that lazy kitty video, so cute! I think you will be the most awesome mom. 🙂 Just DO NOT drop the baby (I’m sure you won’t)

    Good news! we just got CoPR, so now I have to find that great packing post you had and get inspired because it’s gotta happen….NOW! AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhggg! Actually, I’m very calm, on the outside, and now only you know what is going on my inside. Hopefully all will go smoothly and I’ll feel very smart for not letting it show how panicked I am right now.

    January 21, 2014
    • WOOOOOOOW!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am stiiiiiiilllllll waaaaaaiting. It’s pretty horrible. What city will you be in?! SO EXCITING!!!!

      January 21, 2014
      • SusanZ #

        I’m in Detroit moving to Ontario…near Chatham. It’s so lovely and peaceful compared to Detroit.

        January 23, 2014
      • Wow! Awesome! What a change that will be! Good luck with the packing!

        January 23, 2014
    • SusanZ #

      We applied outland for a couple of reasons, it’s quicker, and there is a chance for appeal (if needed) which there isn’t with inland applications. We’ve been like we’re dating for the first year and a half of marriage, so yes, big changes ahead. Yours is coming soon. We chose to do it ourselves without a lawyer and things turned out just fine, thankfully…I better get started on that packing 🙂

      January 24, 2014
      • Yeah we applied inland. Sometimes I regret it because it’s taking so dang long. I’m so happy for you!

        January 24, 2014
    • SusanZ #

      Oh, and, btw, I am nominating you for the Liebster Award…just a fun game that will help others know a little more about you, and then about some of the blogs that you would like to recommend for others to discover…check out my post here:

      Let me know if this isn’t something you want to do

      January 24, 2014
      • Thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate it! I probably won’t participate though…I’m bad about questionnaires!!!

        January 24, 2014
  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! I am going to send this to my wife 😀

    We’re aren’t expecting to make any kids any time soon, but you can never soak up enough wisdom and experience! 🙂

    January 21, 2014
    • Haha!!! Thank you! And thanks for sharing with your wife! I soaked up a lot of good info from new mommy friends waaaaay before I got preggo!!!

      January 21, 2014
  3. Kristin #

    Omg….huge congrats shelli! I obviously had no idea. When is the big due date? Him? Her? I can’t wait to hear more!

    January 21, 2014
    • THANK YOU!!! And hello old friend!!!! I’m due at the end of March!!! It’s going by soooooo faaaaaast. It’s going to be a surprise!

      January 22, 2014
      • K #

        oooooh another aries! 🙂 It does go by so fast, I used to urk when people said “enjoy every minute” especially when you feel like a beached whale . . . but seriously. . . enjoy every minute. Esp when they’re teeny tiny and it just continues to get better and better and better and it’s the best thing in the world!

        January 22, 2014
      • I’m having a great pregnancy! I’m loving it + been totally embracing it! That’s so sweet to hear about your little guy!

        January 22, 2014
  4. Hold up…WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? How did I miss the fact you’re pregnant?! Congratulations!!! Our babies can be pen-pals, hehe. Luckily I haven’t had the drop-sy any more than normal. But I do run into stuff a bit more than I normally would!

    January 22, 2014
    • Ya, gurl!!!! I snuck the announcement in at the end of my Happy 2014 post. Hehe. Kiwi-Canuck pen pals!!! I love it!!!! Commonwealth style!

      January 22, 2014
  5. I’ve got my monthly “bill” and I still drop stuff, what’s my excuse?

    BTW, I keep thinking of little things to tell you to prepare for, here’s my latest: Purchase just one preemie-size outfit and put it in your hospital to-go bag (along with a 0-3 month old outfit). You might need it if that little peanut is less than 7lbs (probably not with Jeff’s genes, but you never know mixed with your genes). I only brought a 0-3 month old outfit to the hospital and Solly was swimmin’ in that sucker on the car ride home. Being a new mom, I worried about him suffocating on the first ride home (poor new mommies and daddies, there is so much to needlessly worry about!). Solly weighed 6lbs, 3oz at birth and 10lbs just one week later. Those critters put on weight quick! The one week that you might need a preemie outfit, you could really use it!

    January 22, 2014
    • You read my mind, A! I was just wondering about how big 0-3 month sizes are. Now I’ve been obsessively looking at preemie layettes! Good, good, good tip! Hey, by the way – why aren’t you blogging? I miss it!

      January 22, 2014
  6. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    Hi, Nan, don’t get like the funny outrageous
    cat photo, ( reminds me of !!!!! )
    anywho all is well here in LALA-Land and we
    can’t wait 2 visit U soon, take care, Luv Dads

    January 22, 2014
  7. You canyon photo had me laughing SO HARD ALOUD. I was at the super market and my shoelaces came undone. Oh I was staring at them hard until Nathan squatted down to tie them for me. Thing is, I was wearing a puffy vest so you couldn’t really tell I was preggo. So ppl were staring at me in the supermarket like I was some sort of Diva >_<

    January 31, 2014
    • Ohhhhh the untied shoelaces. It’s a serious bummer when that happens, isn’t it?! Nathan is a prince! Since Jeff is a costumer, he’s really good at zipping up my jacket, putting on my shoes + tying my laces also! We’re so lucky to have this time to be spoiled!

      February 1, 2014

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