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Day in Steveston

When weather in Vancouver is SENSATIONAL, visiting moms need to experience the little town of Steveston!






My mom came to visit Jeff + I at the perfect time!  Temperatures have been warm, the sun is shining, the sky is blue – feels like California!  Jeff + mom have been puttering around in the garden, picking plums off the tree out front…Steveston - 01

Mom is SO loving it!!!Steveston - 02

For work, Jeff has been like a dry cleaner + there were clothes hanging to dry in our back patio.  Somebody save me.Steveston - 03

The two plum pillagers returning with their bounty + more items laying out to dry.  This is my life.Steveston - 04

Ignore the mess + the weeds – we’ve just returned from Alberta, so no judging por favor!!!!

After front yard fruit picking, we drove south west towards Steveston + our first stop was at the Brittania Heritage Shipyard.Steveston - 05

Extremely well restored + cared for, the Shipyard has historic recreations of living quarters, boatyards + lots of educational information.Steveston - 06

Once a thriving community of fisherman, cannery workers, families + children – it was cool to walk around + feel the history of a place that was such an essential part of the Vancouver economy.Steveston - 07

Jeff + my mom looking out onto the Fraser River.Steveston - 08

Steveston was very culturally diverse.  Living quarters were highly segregated between the whites,  Japanese, Chinese + First Nations.  Race also determined one’s position in the workplace.  My paternal grandmother worked in a cannery on Terminal Island near Los Angeles during her early years in America.Steveston - 09

This statue is dedicated to the Japanese Canadian fishermen.  Before the war, the Japanese population was in high numbers in Steveston.  When they were relocated, the fishing industry took a huge blow due to their absence.Steveston - 10

The cool breeze coming off of the Fraser River was SOOO refreshing!!!Steveston - 11

Mom + I wandered around looking at the cute tourist shops + boutiques.  There is a GREAT museum called the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society that is a national historic site.  Chock full of history, displays + technical info on the who, what + how’s of the canning industry, it is well worth a visit, if you are a history nerd like moi.  Mom is not so into that kind of stuff, but she is into posing with statues!Steveston - 12

Most importantly, when you’re in Steveston, you HAVE to go ravage some fish n’ chips!!!!Steveston - 13

HEY-OOOOO!!!!  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!  We always get our fish + chippies from Pajo’s because it’s got happy, bright yellow umbrellas + is right on the wharf.  And they’re good as hell.  Captain Jeff says, “Arrrr, landlubber, get ye to Pajo’s for da kine grindz.”.  That’s a special kind of salty sea captain/pirate/Hawaiian dialect.Steveston - 14

A beautiful, relaxing day enjoying the sun + the easy going spirit of Steveston!

The catchphrase for when your mom comes to visit: “ME WANT FOOOOOD!!!!”.

That’s a 30 Rock reference if y’all didn’t know.  I’ve been so lucky!  Since my mom’s been in town, she’s been cooking me lots of Japanese dishes!!!Steveston - 15

I didn’t have much home cooked Japanese meals while I was in Alberta so I am basking in it!!!!

Take a drive to Steveston + enjoy it’s heritage buildings + all around charm!

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  1. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    Yummmm, Fish & Chips,…goodness am i missing out,
    Big Time, and look at Mum, cooking up a storm, WoW,
    that is so kool 4 U, Nan !!! Steveston, does look like a
    great place 2 visit,….dry cleaner’s, yike’s, Jeffrey has 2
    have another yard sell…hehe…LOL !!!!! from the sounds
    of thing’s, Nan, maybe Mum brought all the beautiful
    weather from LALA-land !!!!! Take Care, cheers, Dad’s

    September 12, 2013
    • Many of the Japanese descendants in Steveston are from Wakayama, dad!!! Your peoples!!! You would love the fish n’ chips!!! Yummmmmo!!!!! Yep, mom brought the weather here + when she leaves she’ll be taking it with her – apparently it’s going to start raining next week!!!

      September 13, 2013
  2. Fish and chips look amaaazing and WOW you’re lucky to have your mum there cooking for you 🙂 What’s your favourite dish?

    September 15, 2013
    • I hoped you’d approve of the fush n’ chups! My fav dish that my mom makes is hijiki – it’s a braised seaweed + veggie side dish!

      September 16, 2013

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