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Vancouver, We’re Baaaack

What a week, people.  What a week.  Moving is hell….






Flip flop, flip flop, Vancouver, Alberta, Vancouver, Alberta!!!!  Well, we’ve finally made it back to Vancouver safe + sound!  Packing up the condo in Black Diamond, Alberta was so hellish!!!  Megu was surrounded by the massive amounts of junk feeling very sorry for me.DSC00315

It’s like an episode of “Hoarders” except I’m extremely relieved that Megu didn’t get buried underneath all the crap + we’d never find her again.

On move out day we hauled everything outside onto the yard before packing up the cars + it looked like a crazy people yard sale.  So embarrassing.DSC00322

We stayed in Canmore for a couple days with friends, so I got to look at this cute little face every day.  Jimmy the Most Sensational Stardust Dog in All the World!!!!DSC00330

Here’s Jeff dismayed sorting through his work kit.  I told the man weeks ago that the contents of the condo weren’t all going to fit in our two cars (Jeff had to drive two loads from Black Diamond to Canmore in one day – that’s 6 hours of driving) + that we were going to have to ship some of it.  Well, I uttered the phrase, “I told you so” A LOT during this move!DSC00340

After a couple of days of sorting, organizing + stuffing the cars to the gills, we were on the road!  Lots of truck stop hang outs!!!DSC00343

Megu was such a good little passenger!  Check out my post on road tripping with your cat!DSC00372

Jeff loves Megu so much, anytime we had a break, he would get all up in her personal space!DSC00347

Thankfully we didn’t do the big drive to Vancouver in one go, we stayed the night in Revelstoke.  I found a ghetto hotel called Powder Springs that was run down, but clean.  Best thing was – it is pet friendly at a great price!DSC00348

The next morning we walked around cutey cute cute downtown Revelstoke.DSC00365

Revelstoke is a turn of the century town that was founded when the Canadian Pacific Railway was building throughout the area.  Jeff’s swimming with the fishes.DSC00370

I’m hugging bear cubs.DSC00360

Jeff’s friend from his Canmore days has an ahmazing shop, Modern Bakeshop + Cafe, so we stopped in to say hello!!!

Isn’t it DSC00363ADORABLE?!?!  I love the building colors + the styling!

Here is Jeff + Kevan, the mastermind + owner of this great community gathering spot!!!  Reunited after 7 years!DSC00356

The food + drinks are so yummy, fresh + there’s always such a variety in the dishes – vegetarian options as well!!!  This place is happily buzzing with people + all the locals frequent The Modern!  Stop by when you’re in Revelstoke!DSC00354

When we arrived in Vancouver, we were welcomed with rain.  Booooo.  It was a rough drive + I was grateful to get out of the car.

Indeed we ended up shipping a bunch of stuff to Vancouver (I told you so!) which Jeff picked up the next day.IMG_5723

OMG.  We are in unpacking unhappiness right now trying to refit everything back into our tiny house.  There was a deal on lobsters at the market so Jeff soothed our pain with a lobster dinner.DSC00376

Where’s the greens you ask?  No greens.  Carbs only.  Case closed.

Oh + more importantly, my mom flew in today from Los Angeles for a visit!  Crazy dad had to cancel because his passport was expired!!!  Oh, classic dad….DSC00382

It’s super great timing to have some maternal comfort for my transition back to Vancouver!  Thanks for all the well wishes during the move!!!  I miss you Alberta!!!

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  1. I’m so glad you got to stop in Revelstoke! The Powder Springs is a classic – I’m pretty sure the owner is friends with my uncle. I’m sorry we missed you there – we got there the Friday night and it was POURING so we holed up in our little cabin at the KOA and didn’t do anything – glad you had nicer weather! 🙂

    September 10, 2013
    • Powder Springs is totally old school! Customer service was really great! Yeah, when we drove into Vancouver it was complete downpour!!! Boooooooo!!!!!

      September 13, 2013
  2. Deb Fayle #

    Looks like you had fun in Revelstoke – great to see Kev’s beautiful face! Tobin came into the room as I was reading your blog and exclaimed ‘What. Jeff and Shelli are having a yard sale!’ … then “Jimmy!” Glad you are all back home safe and sound and look forward to seeing Rocky!

    September 10, 2013
    • Haha, Tobin is so funny, what a good eye!!! It was so nice to meet Kev, since I’ve always heard so many amazing things about her! Her shop was so awesome!!! Rocky is looking forward to seeing you too!!!!

      September 13, 2013
  3. Hiroko to the rescue! I know well about needing some mommy-time, I had my breakdown a few weeks ago and had to call Carol in to the rescue. Hope you ladies are having a nice time!

    September 10, 2013
    • Mom time is really essential sometimes, isn’t it?! I’m really glad she’s here right now!!!

      September 13, 2013
  4. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    hey, Nan, yep sorry i goofed big time, ‘My Bad’, haven’t traveled
    4 awhile so neglected 2 check date on P.P…URRRGGGH !!!!! oh,
    well U have Mum’sey there 2 baby U somewhat which is great !!!
    Tobin’s remark is Classic ” What Jeff & Shelli are having a ….
    …YARD SALE !!!!! ” ,…funny stuff,…yummm, The Modern, looks
    and sounds like a must stop 4 those traveling RevelStoke, oh
    my, Jeffrey did U right, Lobster, corn,…tater tot’s & corn-muffin!!!!!
    ok, my best 2, Jeffrey, Meg’s and Mum,..Take Care, Luv- Dad’s

    September 10, 2013

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