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Wilcox Pass – Jasper

This hike is A-1 sauce, the bee’s knees!!!  One of the most gratifying little treks that you won’t regret!






Wilcox Pass is located on the 93, a five minute drive southeast from the Columbia Icefields mega tourist center.  Look out for the green sign saying, “Wilcox Campground/Wilcox Creek” because if you’re distracted by looking at the Athabasca Glacier or if you blink, you’ll miss it, like we did.

This trail is a good uphill climb for the first hour and 1/2.  Debbie is enthusiastically itching her bug bites from our episode at Taylor Lake.Wilcox Pass - 15

We have since learned + apply bug spray all over – even on our scalps!!!  Gross I know, but these mosquitoes are the devil!!!

Go get ‘er, Debbie!  Uphill we go!Wilcox Pass - 16

There were lots of alpine flowers in bloom much to my joy. Paintbrushes are my fave!Wilcox Pass - 17

A much more scenic view of Athabasca Glacier, as opposed to the Columbia Icefields parking lot view.Wilcox Pass - 20

As we were hiking, we would hear a ‘tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle’.  What’s that?  Tourists with “bear bells” on!!!Wilcox Pass - 14

They sound like little mountain goats!  Locals snicker at the bear bells + tell me that they’re pretty much useless – a bear would definitely not hear these bells if you happen to be hiking along a rushing creek + the bells aren’t that loud.  There’s definitely bears in the Rockies – so invest in bear spray + talk really loudly to give bears a chance to slink away.  They don’t want to run into us as much as we don’t want to run into them!

Cute little pin cushion Moss Campion.Wilcox Pass - 21

The closer you get to the top, it gets hair whippingly windy!!!  Bring a windbreaker fo’ sho!!!Wilcox Pass - 22

Also, I don’t want to get all hall monitor on you guys, but do not veer off the trail.  You could be trampling on some sensitive little plants.  I’ll admit, we got off the trail to eat lunch on a rock outcropping.  We made a mistake.  We’re human!  But don’t follow in our footsteps!

Thankfully, the trail starts to flatten out + the views become increasingly otherworldly.Wilcox Pass - 23

Rocky trail.Wilcox Pass - 24

We descended into the valley + crossed a trickling stream.Wilcox Pass - 25

Oooooooooh so beautiful!!!Wilcox Pass - 26

The overcast weather really added a mystical, spiritual atmosphere in the valley.Wilcox Pass - 27

Debbie + I barely spoke, it was too breathtaking.  We both wandered about, exploring on our own.Wilcox Pass - 28

A panorama of the sweeping valley.WilcoxPassPanorama

Wilcox Pass is a total winner!  A 4-5 hour hike, with a lot of uphill, but with such beautiful rewards!!!  We wanted to walk further in the valley, but it was getting late.  Good timing, because once we had descended + hopped in the car, the rain came pouring down!!!  If you are heading towards Jasper, this is a gold star!!!!

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  1. Amazing Shelli! I wish I was there to hike it with you guys! I really miss getting to hike, it is FLAT here in the swamplands of Louisiana and in the surrounding 800 mile area. Nothing beats the Canadian rockies for dramatic scenery though. Drink it in!

    August 14, 2013
    • Oh my old hiking buddy!!! That sucks! I didn’t consider that when you moved to Louisiana!!! I’m going to drink in the rockies for as long as I can (till the end of August at least)! Miss you!!! I was telling Jeff about how much he is going to freak out about New Orleans!!! Must Facetime next week!!!

      August 15, 2013
  2. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    WOW, yah, WOW, amazing views of the spectacular
    Canadian Rockies, fu’sho, Nan, good on U with the
    wide angle views of the Valley, just AWsuM !!!!! Ok,
    Mum and i R looking forward 2 our trip 2 Vancouver
    …shoot Mum’s already packed all the ”b” clothing !!!
    ok, gotta hit the sack, Take Care, hey 2 Jeff, luv, Papi

    August 15, 2013

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