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Taylor Lake – Banff

Heyooo!!!  Back to Shelli n’ Debbie’s hiking adventures!!!This blog has a little bit of ADD + slacker style to it.  I can’t keep consecutive with blog posts + I jump all over the place.  So I’m back to continuing the Canadian Rocky adventures of Debbie the NY City Mouse.

When I met Debbie in Los Angeles she was so city, her knowledge of wildlife was pigeons + cockroaches.  We went hiking at Griffith Park – I was much more fit back then + Debbie was gasping within 10 minutes of hiking.  Fast forward to this summer, Debbie had walked Scotland’s West Highland Way + I my hiking legs have gotten SOFT!!!  Debbie’s visit got me my hiking legs back + lord knows how I loved getting back into it!

I had read about a couple hikes that were of interest, but alas they had been washed out by the floods.  I asked a park ranger at the Banff information center what hike would be similar to what I was looking for + she suggested Taylor Lake.  The trailhead parking lot is about a 15 minute drive east of Lake Louise on highway 1.

Not knowing what to expect, we headed out with our explorer caps on.Taylor Lake - 01

City Mouse was loving it!!!Taylor Lake - 02

The trail is a steady uphill.  Most hikes in the Rockies are wooded trails with nothing much to look at.  We just determinedly climbed up + up + up + up, huffing + puffing.  It wasn’t until maybe 2 hours of going uphill that we saw a family coming down.  “It’s so worth it!  Only 15 more minutes to go!” they encouraged.  Oh thank Zeus, because we weren’t sure what in the heck was going on!

Once you break through the wooded trail, it’s always like, “AAAAAAAHHHHH”!!!Choir of Angels











That’s supposed to be like a chorus of angels singing.

A beautiful woodland meadow!!!  AAAAAAAHHHH!!!Taylor Lake - 03

Debbie trying to bust out her camera.Taylor Lake - 04

Oh my turquoise blue!Taylor Lake - 07

Glacier fed waters.Taylor Lake - 08

The reason for the bright blue colored water in the lakes is due to the glacial runoff, called “rock flour”.  The rock flour flows into the lake + these particles are what give off the bright blue pizzazz!Taylor Lake - 09

Debbie + I brought snacks + found a perfect little spot to have lunch.Taylor Lake - 10

It was lovely, until…..Perry Shirley












Illustrated by Perry Shirley

We were getting EATEN ALIIIIIIVE!!!!  Pay attention, people – BUG SPRAY!  ALBERTA!  SUMMER!  GOOD!  We were literally being tortured by the evil scavengers to a point where we hitting ourselves over + over + kind of looked like violent crack addicts on a bad trip.

Goodbye Taylor Lake!!!  Down the hill we escaped from the vicious blood suckers.

On the drive back to Canmore we stopped by to grab a coconut water + a power aide at the Castle Mountain Chalet General Store cuz we drank all of our water + were dying for electrolytes.  What a view!Taylor Lake - 11

I definitely want to go back to Taylor Lake + spend the day up there lounging around!  There were campsites available + nice picnic tables up there for your enjoyment as well!!!  Have an awesome weekend everyone!!!  XOXO

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  1. They grow them mosquitos big in the northern climates! I was just in Minnesota, and I said I saw one that was roughly the size and ferocity of a small but extremely feral kitten. Still, it doesn’t change my opinion that I NEED TO GET TO BANFF.

    August 10, 2013
    • Yes!!! What Canada lacks in a lot of things, it makes up for in it’s natural beauty! It’s insane how beautiful it is up here!!!!

      August 10, 2013
  2. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    HOLLA HOLLA, que pasa Nan, again terrific photos of
    God’s Country, Wow, sum spectacular scene’s!!!!! good
    stuff U got the eye of the tiger…..LOL !!!!! well it looks
    like U and Deb had a AWsuM day in the Rockies except
    the squits were killing U….hehehe!!!!! take care, Dad’s

    August 11, 2013
  3. Beautiful! I’ve never been up there…I’ll have to add it to the list! How long did it take, round trip?

    August 11, 2013
    • It was a winner winner chicken dinner!!! Round trip was four hours??? But we didn’t take any breaks + were walking really fast!!! I’d say 5-6 hours at a leisurely pace!

      August 12, 2013

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