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Canmore Folk Fest 2013

3 days of folky folk folkness in the Canadian Rockies!  Let your Canuck freak flag fly!!!






Anyways, this post is going to have minimal narration because I am fried from hours of looking at Jeff’s corporate receipts + I really would love to pull out my eyeballs + put them in a nice, cool glass of water.

Okay!  Folk Fest is kind of a big deal in Canmore.  Peeps lurve the Fest.  The weather was grey + rainy as we set out.  We were prepared + geared up – Jeff looks like he’s going on a back packing trip!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 01

We picked up a group of friends on the walk to the fest.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 02

Right when we arrived there was a climbing wall for kids – so fun!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 03

There are a couple of stages set up for daytime performances.  Here’s a hip moustacheioed gent slappin’ the upright bass!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 04

Jeff’s entry wrist band + ripped railroad stripe overalls.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 05

There’s a good amount of vendors selling everything from hippie incense, guatemalan purses to handmade jewelry.  Tres folky!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 06

Juna was loving the shiny beaded key chains!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 07

One of the girls who had a booth was giving a tutorial on screen printing!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 08

Doesn’t Karen look glam?!  She was the most fest ready chick in the crowd!  Her dress is from our hoarded collection!  To die for!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 09

For eats, an impressive amount of gourmet food trucks!  What, what!!!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 10

Okay, yeah – music!!!!  At around 4:30 we meandered over to the main stage for the night performances.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 11

Karen + our friend Amy are balls to the walls because it was CROWDED already but they managed to squeeze all of us on a prime piece of real estate – but still, check out my view of the stage!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 12

Seriously, you have to stake your claim to get a good view VERY EARLY!!!  And plus, the festival has a chair height regulation – no joke!  24 inches high from the ground to the top of the chair back!  Staff were walking around with rulers!  I kid you not!  But all of these chairs ARE NOT REGULATION HEIGHT!!!  GRRRR!!!

People were all rain gear, ponchoed + tarped up!  Yo, Canucks know how to attend a wet festival!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 13

Attendance was  huge!  Here’s a shot looking back at the crowd from the stage area.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 14

This was my favorite band of the day.  Habadekuk from Denmark!  I kept calling them Hobbledygook because I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 15

Kinda polka, kinda Celtic, but with a full horn section!

Here’s Jeff in our little height regulation acceptable chairs!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 16

Alright, one thing I didn’t understand about this festival is that tons of people were reading books + magazines during the performances!  Rude!!!!

CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 17Ben Sollee is named one of the Top Ten Great Unknown Artists by National Public Radio.  Here he is picking his cello.CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 18

Juna + her buddy Jeff goofing off!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 19

These police on stilts were hilarious, chiding the audience + writing up tickets!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 20

I’ve never seen more people on stilts since moving to Canada.  Is it a Canuck thing???

Chic Gamine had fabulous girl harmony + they are cute + sassy!  These Canucks are having their American debut coming soon – look out for them!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 21

This dude was reading his book with his hand on his chin during the entire concert!!!  Me no understand?!CanmoreFolkFest2013 - 22

The headliners for the evening were Spirit of the West an true iconic Canadian band, blending celtic, folk + a little bit of punk.  They’ve been around for 30 years + are one of Canada’s most successful alternative rock bands from the 80s + 90s.Spirit of the West












The first rows of sitter downers had to move their seats + tarps to set up the “D-Zone”.  Yep, the dance zone.  It was a fun, energetic set + when they played “Home for a Rest” the crowd flipped out!  I knew it was their most famous anthem, but I didn’t realize HOW pumped Canucks were going to get – the entire crowd knew all of the lyrics!!!  Jeff took a video – watch in the beginning when Jeff pans over to my skerred reaction to all the hysterics!

Overall, I wasn’t toooo crazy about any of the music (Habadekuk + Spirit of the West were the highlights).  The crowd was very unenthusiastic for the most part of the concert, which was a bummer.  Dancing was pretty much frowned upon until the end of the night!  What kind of music festival frowns on dancing?!  Anyway, it was mostly a day of eating + lounging about with friends in lawn chairs!

Thanks for tagging along!!!  Until next time!

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  1. Plus, seriously, Pope Joan? Being rude in favor of reading THAT book? Bad form all around.

    August 8, 2013
  2. Deb Fayle #

    OMG Shelli! Thank you for posting Jeff’s video of Spirit of the West!! Felt like I was there back in the old days of the Folk Fest! Sigh.

    August 8, 2013
  3. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    Top of the Howdy, Nan, yep, Karen was rock’n it with
    her slick Cowboy Hat and ole Jeff, looks like a Local !!!
    looks like U’ALL had a great hoe’down time !!!!!!!!!

    August 11, 2013

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