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With a Little Help from Our Friends

Jeff + I are so lucky to have so many friends, families + guardian angels looking after us.  Otherwise we’d be living in a ditch standing around a fire lit oil drum for warmth + shelter.







I jest.  But not by much.  We are always teetering very precariously close to the edge.  After we spent another night in Canmore at our friends Karen + Kyle’s, we all decided to go out for breakfast + take a tour of their new house that is going under construction.  Jeff was outside busy brushing the snow off of his car + I told their wee daughter Juna to wave at him + yell, “HI JEFF!!!!!”.  Good job, Juna!Canmore - 01

SO MUCH SNOW!!!  I thought that it was normal since hey, I don’t know anything about Canada!  Apparently the snowfall is unusual for this time of year + everyone has HAD IT with the snow.  For me, it was a lovely, fluffy novelty because I don’t know anything about shoveling snow or pipes freezing or any of that yucky unpleasantness.Canmore - 02

Here’s little Juna.  She is quite the fashion plate + chooses all of her own outfits.  I always heartily approve + the way she skillfully combines patterns is that of a master!Canmore - 11

We layered up + headed out the door.  Juna insisted on putting on her pink + white cowboy boots because Jeff was wearing his cowboy boots.  Awww!Canmore - 03

“C’mon, Shelli!!!!”Canmore - 04

The new house!  It’ll hopefully be ready by July!!!  I can’t wait cuz it’s going to be off the chain!!!Canmore - 05

Kyle is a real estate genius + Karen is an interior design virtuoso!!!!  Together they are a super team!  Check out a couple of pictures of the old house from a post from 2011!!!  Karen was also featured in Avenue magazine in an article titled, “A Modern Mountain Home in Canmore”.  AND SHE’S SELF TAUGHT!!! You better recognize!!!!!!

Large windows in the future living room.  Drool.Canmore - 06

Juna + Jeff taking a meeting.Canmore - 07

I can’t wait for the “after”!  It’s going to be bombtastic!!!!Canmore - 08

After breakfast we most unenthusiastically decided to check in on the ol’ shipping container.  Ugh.Canmore - 09

We quickly decided we weren’t up for it + jammed back to Canmore.  Karen + Kyle are generously letting us borrow a king size mattress for our condo!  Woot to that!  Now I won’t be getting elbowed in the face or kicked by Jeff’s monkey limbs!  But let me tell y’all, getting that thing on the trailer + wrapped up was a situation.Canmore - 10

After all the drama, that sucker was goin’ nowhere!!!  Solid as a rock!  We lifted + hauled that monster into the condo + no joke Jeff laid down + in 2 seconds he was passed out!  Poor guy.  It’s been nonstop for him lately!  Thanks Karen, Kyle + Juna for looking out for us!!!!

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  1. Deb Fayle #

    Thanks for giving me a taste of my old digs – forgot about how April can sometimes be in the mountains. Good to see those beautiful faces again too:)

    April 24, 2013
    • We wish you were heeeeeere!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the Canadian Rockies with you!!!

      April 24, 2013
  2. kenneth Papi~Dads nishino #

    Yup Yip Yep, kudos 4 having sum unbelievable
    friends & guardian angels in Canuck Land, U R
    & Jeff, are definitely blessed, also don’t 4 get da
    Man Up-stairs as well, he got ur back, Nan, !!!
    Wow can’t believe all the powdery stuff, definitely
    something ur not used 2 on a daily basis, brrrrr!!!
    ok, we all gett’in red-eye 4 mum’sie 2 depart for
    Tokyo, and Auntie Noriko’s…so take care until
    then, Nan, cheers, Mahalo, hey 2 Jeff, Dad’s

    April 25, 2013
  3. kenneth Papi~Dads nishino #

    ps: hitting Latigo Kid’s 4 Mum’s Day, will miss U !!!!!!

    April 25, 2013
  4. I love Canmore! It’s beautiful there! That house is looking gorgeous already!!

    April 28, 2013

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