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Gastown + East Van

Hello one + all!!!!  Come join us as we walk our way around Vancouver’s hip (do people still say hip?) destinations for some snap-your-fingers hepcat coolness!!!!





I really don’t know what the kids say these days.  Awesome, rad, cool, dope, sweet…..I need to watch some One Direction interviews + find out what the current lingo is!One Direction









I like to say, “Oh, you MUST take a jaunt to charming Gastown + East Van!!!!  It sure is a swell time!  AND HOW!”.  And don’t worry I’m totally not going to watch any One Direction interviews.  I haven’t completely lost my mind yet!1920s Young Couple
















ANYWAY MOVING ON!!!!!  That day we used the subway as our mode of transportation – which is such an amazing feature about Vancouver!  And my mom is always pumped about it since it reminds her of Tokyo.Vancouver Subway

Jeff was really exhausted from work + was quite the cranky pants as we headed out.  My mom on the other hand was all Oooooooohs + Aaaaaaaaaahs as is her usual state of being – look at that Cranky Face!!!!Gastown + East Van

Here is my mom + big sis with Jeff on the corner of Burrard + Georgia smack dab in the middle of downtown Vancouver.  Shiny, shine!!!!Burrard + Georgia



















We hopped on the train again to head towards Gastown.  The interior of the Waterfront Station, a major transit terminal along Vancouver’s Skytrain route.Waterfront Station Vancouver



















Looking out across the inlet towards North Vancouver.Waterfront Station Inlet

We walked towards Gastown + found ourselves bombarded by a myriad of shops aimed straight for the tourists’ wallets.  Maple leaves, anyone???Gastown



















Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest downtown core.  It was named after “Gassy” Jack Deighton a steamboat captain who opened up the first saloon in 1867.  Gastown fell into hard times + after the depression the area fell into neglect + deterioration.  It is now revived as a major tourist attraction – which sometimes is associated with major cheese.  Oh, but wait my patient friends!!!!  As we meandered around, Gastown began to renew my faith in Vancouver in terms of fashion + design!!!!!!

My new favorite shop in Vancouver!!!!  One of a Few!!!  Rachel Comey shoes, new young designers + beautiful baubles!!!!!One of a Few Vancouver



















My sister was drooling over their feminine yet architectural dresses + even my mom found a few pieces that she was enamored with!!!!One of a Few



















Jeff on the other hand felt it was in his best interest to step outside for a breather every once in a while.  Too bad, so sad!  That’s what happens when you go shopping with three Japanese ladies!!!!Gastown + East Van - 09



















Another shop that I’ve been dying to visit was Old Faithful Shop.Old Faithful Shop

They specialize in the rustic + woodsy.  The simple life.  The back to nature life.  I loved all the thoughtfully picked out items that they had for sale.  There were many other great design shops + vintage shopping to enjoy, but I can’t fit them all in this post!  It’s all good stuff!!!!Old Faithful Shop

Here’s Gastown’s good ol’ trusty landmark – The Gastown Steamclock!Gastown Steam Clock



















It was originally placed there to harness the the steam streaming from  a steam grate + to deter homeless people from sleeping on the spot during cold weather.

Gastown historic buildings are gorgeous.  I’m so glad that the city has been able to preserve them.Gastown



















After we had our fill of Gastown, we walked our way into East Vancouver.  “East Van” as the locals like to call it!  Cha cha cha!!!!  Jeff kept reminding us gals that it was a “sketchy” area.  Yo, we are from Los Angeles!  We know how to defend ourselves – we three were clutching our purses in our little fists in such a manner to be ready for smashing people in the face!!!  We ain’t skerred!!!!!East Van



















An old part of the neighborhood that we walked through used to be a huge Japanese neighborhood before World War II.  Cordova, Powell Street + beyond was the home to an entire community of Japanese Canadians until they were all forced into relocation camps.  Their property was seized + sold without consent in 1943.    It’s so sad.  There were even 3 Japanese bath houses within the community at one time!!!!  The majority of them did not return to their once vibrant neighborhood after the war.  My mom + I noticed an old run-down home, ready for bull-dozing with a Japanese mon (emblem or family crest) at the top of the house.  Do you see it???Japanese Canadian Home



















Earlier in the week, my sister Ashley + I saw a flyer for Noche Buena Holiday Market Fair, when we were at Le Marche St. George.  So we walked + walked + walked the mean streets wondering if we would ever find it!  It was a small, cozy event full of vendors selling their locally made crafts, canned goods + whatnot!  My sister found a couple of vintage items that she scooped up – which is rare because my sister is cheap + VERY PARTICULAR!!!!Noche Buena Holiday Market Vancouver


















Earlier in December I went to another craft fair that was like 70 times bigger than Noche Buena + I felt that the latter had more unique vendors + a cooler aesthetic!  Oh + there was spicy hot chocolate there as well!  Score!!!

Boy we did a ton of walking that day!!!  My mom is really hearty + she is all smiles on Hastings street!!!Hastings Street

We ended up on Broadway looking for food + some more shopping.  At that point my poor wee mum was bagged out!!!!!Gastown + East Van - 18


















I really love walking around Vancouver – we saw so many amazing things + people that we would have definitely missed if we were zooming by in a car!  I miss my family being in Vancouver + dragging them around!  Gastown + East Van are a good time for people who don’t want the bright + sparkly of chain stores!  Support local stores + vendors!  Yay!

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  1. Kenneth Kenny Nishino #

    Mumsie, looks 2 cute..glad y’all had a great
    Energetic day, poor Jeff, looks tired from work
    boy do I remember those days as well, urrggh,
    Take Care, Nan, miss u, luv, Dad’s

    January 6, 2013
    • Mom is so cute – especially when she was all bundled up! Miss you too Dad!!!!

      January 7, 2013

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