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Le Marche St. George – Vancouver

Oh la la!!!  Mes amours!!!!!  Come join us on our jaunt to Vancouver’s hidden gem, Parisian cafe – Le Marche St. George!!!!







Although my mother + sister have already departed Vancouver for the sunny shores of Los Angeles, I will continue to post a couple of adventures that we enjoyed during their visit!

I have been literally dying to descend upon Le Marche St. George since I read about the Parisian-style cafe + grocery on Remodelista – a lifestyle website which Jeff + I discovered by drooling over their display table at the 2012 Dwell on Design show in June.

My sister is a major sucker for rustic European romanticism, so allons-y!!!!!!!

Here’s a little Amelie shout-out for all mes petites Francophiles out there….Amelie








By the way, the cafe is on the corner of a majorly random + quiet residential street – which creates a sense that you have arrived to a very amazingly secret place!

Here is ma sucre maman looking tres Parisienne in her beret admiring the well executed interior.LeMarcheStGeorge - 01


















Bar stools + conversations by the window.LeMarcheStGeorge - 02

I loooooved the Christmas garlands of eucalyptus, lights + vintage Chinese lanterns – next year I will try my hand at this arrangement.LeMarcheStGeorge - 03


















Ashley was completely seduced by the candles, chocolates, French linens + various goods for sale in the tiny but mighty establishment.LeMarcheStGeorge - 04

Delectable gourmet teas, salsas, jams, tapenades… name it!!!!LeMarcheStGeorge - 05


















Yummy Vancouver company, Earnest Ice Cream in the freezer.  Whiskey Hazelnut?  Pumpkin Pie?  Cognac???  I’ve gots to try me some of this rich goodness next time!LeMarcheStGeorge - 06

Oooooooh + the cheeeeeeeeeeeese….LeMarcheStGeorge - 07

The hot chocolate that Ashley ordered was TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!  The BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had!LeMarcheStGeorge - 08


















Our gorgeous breakfast!LeMarcheStGeorge - 09

So charming on vintage serving ware + china!

My mom asked the ladies working at the cafe, “What’s the least fattening thing to eat here???”.  The young hipster girl politely replied, “Uuuuuuum….we’re a French cafe… everything here is pretty much full of butter……”.   Wooooo!!!  Bring it on!!!  The croissants were buttery, flaky goodness!!!

We three ladies were happy, warm + full when we left!!!

They even had Christmas trees for sale!  Happy Holidays!!!LeMarcheStGeorge - 10

The rustic, historic exterior – I can’t wait until spring for the ultimate languid outdoor cafe experience.LeMarcheStGeorge - 11


















The iconic chalk board door displaying their store hours.LeMarcheStGeorge - 12


















Le Marche St. George makes me feel so tingly in my heart when thinking about places that I adore about Vancouver!!!  Total score!!!!  I definitely will be taking my time with a warm cup of tea, a croissant + a book (Kindle) on my next visit!!  Thank you St. George for being such a lovingly curated piece of Parisian goodness!!!!!




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  1. Oooh la la, that sounds very nice! 🙂

    December 29, 2012
    • You would love it there! Very European + cozy!!!!

      December 31, 2012
  2. Deb Fayle #

    Yuummy! I so want to go! Thanks for posting this great gem … not that I need a buttery croissant or anything:))

    December 29, 2012
    • Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!!!! Buttery croissant, get in my belly!!!!!!!!!

      December 31, 2012
  3. I would never leave. Wow. They would find me in the morning, curled up next to the croissant bin with an empty pumpkin pie ice cream container next to me and my pockets stuffed with jars of delectables. These are indeed some of my favorite things. Further evidence I need to visit Vancouver.

    December 30, 2012
    • I just want to sit in a vat of their hot chocolate! Yahoo! Yes! Come visit Vancouver + holla at me when you do!!! Hollaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

      December 31, 2012
  4. kenneth nishino #

    ALOHaa’s, Nan & Jeff, HAPPI HAPPI NEW YEARS!!!!!
    can’t wait 2 visit Le Marche’ St. George, when we visit
    when it gets warmer in Vancouver, brekky looks so so
    yummie, stay warm, luv U both, Dad’s

    January 1, 2013
  5. Karen Tustanoff #

    I love the way you devour a city girl, Deb and I are doing NY first weekend in May. You MUST take this into serious consideration!! We need you!

    January 9, 2013
    • I LOVE DEVOURING CITIES!!!! Like Godzilla! Raaaaar!!! Hmmm, hmm, hmmmmm. NY……would love to go with you ladies! Will take a look at the the “books” if you knowwhatImean + get back to you!!!!!!

      January 9, 2013
  6. Karen Tustanoff #

    Great seat sale on right now with Air Canada

    January 10, 2013
    • Alas, I have a feeling I’ll have to miss out!

      January 11, 2013

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