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Vancouver Christmas Market 2011

Hello Christmas season!  This morning we woke up to snow in Vancouver!








My visiting mother + sister from Los Angeles were freaking out for about a good 35 minutes.  What a way to welcome Angelenos to the Great White North!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 01


















I decided that it would be a great day to visit the Vancouver Christmas Market to enjoy the snowy atmosphere!  We traveled via the SkyTrain + my Tokyo born + bred mom was so pumped about it.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 02

We exited the Chinatown/Stadium station + it’s a short 5 minute walk – across from the CBC station!  Here I am bossing my poor older sister around giving her stage directions or something.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 03

I should’ve been bossing around the girl taking our picture!  What kind of framing is that?!

Inside the market!  Look at the little guy at the bottom right hand corner of  the picture.  So cute, right?!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 04


















The little guy’s mom took the picture for us.  She did oooookay.  Didn’t get the star on the tree.  Geez!  SO critical!  That’s what happens when you have a cameraman for a father.

OMG I was in tchotchke heaven!!!VancouverChristmasMarket2011


















Technically this is a “German” Christmas market.  My sister-in-law Deb recommended it, claiming it was good cheesy fun!  I love cheese!  You know what I love more????!!!  Folk art!!!!  I LOVE this Polish aluminum foil church + pottery!!!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 05


















German markets have been around since the late Middle Ages, the oldest documented market was held in 1434.  I love me some Germanic Christmas traditions.  In some parts of Germany, families still follow an old tradition. The children leave their shoes outside the front door. These shoes are filled with carrots and hay to feed St. Nicholas’ horse as he rides by. If the children were good all year, St. Nicholas leaves apples, nuts, and candy for them.  How much do you love that?  North American kids would be like, “Wha?  Like, that’s so weeeird.  What-everrrrrr.”.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 06


















Isn’t my mom beautiful???  Here’s Ashley + I.  I’m trying to stand stiff like the nutcracker, but I just ended up looking weird.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 07


















There was an indoor market showcasing ornaments + figurines from Kathe Wohlfahrt + The Hoffman Company.  I wanted to buy 90% of everything in there.  Mmmmm, consumerism.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 08

I loved these nutcrackers because they had more of a rustic look to them, as opposed to the more typical brightly painted traditional ones.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 09

Outside at one of the booths I saw these glass ornaments + said, “Hey mom!  Check these out!  You want one?”.VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 10

Mom loves her some Jesus.  But not enough to get one of those creepy ornaments!

You gotta have German sausage with sauerkraut + onions when you’re at the market!  They had little standing tables set around the market for gathering around.  SOOOOO TASTY!!!  ME WANTS ONE RIGHT NOW!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 11

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 12


















After we made the rounds of the Christmas Market we all took a walk to Chinatown.VancouverChinatown


















I didn’t take many pictures because I was over the picture taking at that point.  Next time, homies!

My mom bought me a nativity scene at the Christmas Market + it is feeling right at home for my first Christmas in Vancouver!  Deb warned me that there are some ornaments at the market that are made in China, so make sure yours is authentic + made in Germany!VancouverChristmasMarket2011 - 14

Check out the Vancouver Christmas Market!  Good, clean fun!  Unless you go at night + drink too much mulled wine!!!!  Ho ho ho!!!

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  1. So fun! We need one of those here…there are lots of Germans in Calgary! I just found out about the shoe tradition this year…but too late, because it’s on the 6th of December. I’m celebrating it next year for sure. And one of these years I’m going to Germany for Christmas…

    I love your mom’s hat! And the nativity is beautiful! My cats have broken my nativity set already this Christmas…furry brats! 🙂

    December 19, 2012
    • German Christmas traditions are the best! The hat my mom is wearing is actually mine! I got it in New Zealand! Luckily Megumi doesn’t really jump up onto too much furniture because of her crippled paw! Poor little lady!

      December 19, 2012
  2. Hi Shelli! Thanks for bringing your whole family down to the Vancouver Christmas Market. We’re really happy you guys enjoyed the food and the gorgeous ornaments. (I would buy up the store if I had all the money in the world). Hope you and your wonderful mother and sister have an amazing Christmas. Based on the weather it seems like they’ll be seeing a lot of snow during their stay.

    December 19, 2012
    • Wow! Hi! We really, really had a great afternoon at the Christmas Market!!! So much to see, do + EAT!!!! I recommend it to everyone!!! Thank you for the well wishes!!!!

      December 19, 2012
  3. I’m not normally in love with nativity scenes, but the one you got is insanely charming. Looks like a great day! 🙂

    December 19, 2012
    • Thanks! I know, my mom wanted to get me this big, crazy, gaudy laser cut wood one + I was like, “Oh no.”. I love my simple little folk art one!

      December 19, 2012
  4. kenneth kenny nishino #

    HOLLA HOLLA, hi, Nan, Wow, sounds and looks like Mum’sie
    and Birdie, are having a amazing time in Canuck Land, yummm
    i want a brat-sand, looks so amazingly sumptuous, i want 1 now!!!!
    yup, U guy’s must be busy as i texted Ash, yesterday and never,
    heard, back …good on U, tell Mum & Ash 2 enjoy and have fun!!!!!
    and keep on taking these fab foto’s, Take Care, best 2 Jeffrey &
    hey 2, Rocky and Ash, miss U,…luv DAD’s

    December 20, 2012
    • Hey dad! Ashley didn’t text back because I told her to put her phone on airplane mode so she wouldn’t incur roaming charges!!! Having a great time showing them Canadian fun times!!!! Love you, wish you were here!!!

      December 20, 2012
  5. kenneth kenny nishino #

    ps: the growth covering, Rocky’s, head…that has 2 be 1 of
    your creation’s…right,…LOL !!!!!

    December 20, 2012
    • Of course!!! It’s MY hat!!! You wouldn’t believe how many compliments she gets from strangers about her hat!

      December 20, 2012

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