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Showing Angelenos a Canadian Time

The Nishino ladies have arrived in Vancouver safely!  That includes my sweet cat Megumi!!!!






I was so nervous that customs wasn’t going to allow Megumi into the country!  My mom said that she barely made a peep (probably traumatized) + behaved like a little doll (paralyzed with fright)!  But mom, Ashley + Megumi are all here in my Vancouver home!!!!

Mum enjoying a cuppa joe, winding down her nerves from the flight with Megumi.MomVancouver

Kudos, mom!  The best cat sitter in the world (and you too, dad!)!

Ashley is perpetually cold.  She would die of hypothermia if she moved to Canada.AshleyVancouver


















Where did I take them for lunch???  Why, White Spot of course!  White Spot is as Canadian as it gets!  Just to let you Yankees know, White Spot is a beloved western Canadian chain restaurant specializing in comfort food.  Me loves me some White Spot.  I asked the ladies if they wanted an order of poutine.  “What’s that????” they asked quizzically.  Oh my!!!!  Well, well well!!!  Poutine is a dish that originated in Quebec + consists of french fries, gravy + cheese curds!  Canada’s national dish!!!  It’s to die for!!!!MomPoutine


















“Mom, what do you think of the poutine?” I asked.  “OUTSTANDING!!!!!” she screamed.  Outstanding, indeed.  Well played, mom.  She can’t remember the word poutine for the life of her so my sister said, “Just remember “poo” like poop + “teen” as in teenager.”  Oh Ashley, of course she works for the Los Angeles School District.  She’s good at word association like that.

You know what is hilarious????  My mom + I were dressed like twins!  We both had on berets + long black puffy coats!  I swear we didn’t even plan it!Me+Mom

We ran around + did errands + next on the Canadian checklist: Real Canadian Superstore.  Oooooh yeeeeeah.  It’s kinda like Target but kinda not really.  It’s basically large + in charge.  Their brand of food + housewares is called “President’s Choice”.  Ashley found it really funny + kept snickering while we were browsing. President'sChoice

That’s Ashley giving a thumbs up which you can’t really tell cuz of her crazy mittens that she’s wearing indoors.  “Doesn’t Canada have a Prime Minister?” she asked.  “Yeah” I replied.  “Well then, why is it called ‘President’s Choice’?” she inquired.  Good point!  Touche!!!

When we were done running around we returned home + hung out watching CBC + wrote Christmas cards.  We know how to party.  Oh boy, Megumi has adjusted to her new home like gangbusters!!!!MegumiVancouver

It’s actually really surprising because she is a skittish rescue + I expected her to take a while to feel comfortable + safe! MegumiMomVancouver


















Oh yeah, I would say by looking at this picture that she’s reeeeeeeal comfortable!MomAshleyMegumiVancouver

I love having my family here in Vancouver!  It’s fun + hilarious introducing them to all things Canadian because the oooooh + aaaaaah about everything!  It’s all so similar to home but yet so different!  And being reunited with my Megumi makes me so elated that I want to squeeze her little body so hard that her eyes pop out!  Now don’t be calling animal services on me!

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  1. Aww, what a cutie! Congratulations on your reunion!

    You should Google Galen Weston…he’s the president of Superstore, and he’s a bit of a corporate rock star… 🙂

    I loooove White Spot – their burgers are amazing. And they do a really nice blueberry tart in blueberry season – watch for it!

    December 18, 2012
  2. Thanks! Oooh! Blueberry tarts + Galen Weston! I can rely on you for all things Canadian!!!

    December 18, 2012
  3. Deb Fayle #

    Yay! Welcome Rocky, Ashley and Megumi!! Can’t wait to see you … did you enjoy waking up to snow?? This doesn’t happen that often in Vancouver so enjoy:)

    December 18, 2012
    • The snow is going crazy here!!! We are loving it!!! What a special first Christmas in Vancouver for me!!!

      December 19, 2012
  4. Steven Bruce Hoiles #

    Too bad we could not do Vancouver Sushi with you!! Ironically, drove past Yu Me Ya in Leucadia today!! Have Fun in Van City….

    December 18, 2012
    • Awwwww, Yu Me Ya!!!! Truly a House of Dreams! Miss you guys + Southern California!

      December 19, 2012
  5. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Hi, Nan,..WOW, everyone looks comfortable in ur Hood !!!!!
    also surprisingly, Meg’s adapted nicely, that is a AWsuM, &
    i’m just as amazed as U R about the custom’s and Meg’s
    able 2 get into Vancouver without any drama, kudo’s 2 Mum
    and Ash !!!!! OMG, there’s snow already , HUH, i’m sure Ash
    & Mum’sie will not adapt so easily, hehe…LOL, luv the photo
    of Meg’s, hang’in with the Nishino, girls, hope U pick me up a
    few copies of the freebie Wine Books, best 2 Jeffrey, TAKE
    CARE, glad all is WELL, peace !!!!! cheers, Mahalo, DAD’s

    December 18, 2012
    • Thanks Dad! Wish you were here! Jeff loved his Aloha shirt, by the way! You have great taste! Oh + all the poke mix!!!! Yummmmmy!!!! Thanks!!! Love you!

      December 19, 2012

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