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Random Fall Moments

November hath arrived!!!  I don’t know how.  But it has, people.  What have you been up to this fall???






Here’s some random fall photos from my Vancouver diary.  I don’t literally really have a Vancouver diary, but that just sounded good.

“Fresh Washroom” neon sign from a 24 hour Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall near our house.  It was late.  We were famished.  It was decent.  The washrooms were far from fresh, my friends as you can well imagine.  Nice try, hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant.  You’re not fooling me.  Oh, + in the States we call them BATHROOMS.

















Our most radical landlords bought us a brand new fridge!  The old tired one has been sitting in our front yard for the past couple of days.  Aaaaaah, I feel like I’m living back in Echo Park again!  Furniture + appliances littering the yards + sidewalks is so NOW!!!!


















There’s Jeff double checking that I didn’t miss anything.  Jeff loves to double check me.  Mr. Micro-Manager at your service.

My landlord told me about the BC Hydro (British Columbia’s electric utility company – like LADWP sorta) “Fridge Buy-Back Program”.  You can arrange to have BC Hydro pick up your sorry ol’ fridge for free, they’ll recycle it AND give you $30 off of your next bill!!!!!  How bazonkers is that?!

On my run/jog/walk/struggle this morning, a tree trunk with a myriad of moss + lichen.  Helloooooo Pacific Northwest.

















A delicate spider web with morning dew still clinging to it like tiny little pearls.


















A pathway of gold.


















BLUE SKY!!!!!!  BLUE SKYYYYYYY!!!!!!  Oh thank the heavens!!!!!!!  It’s been grey + raining for weeks – this is the first large expanse of blue sky that I’ve seen in FOREVER!!!!  My Southern Californian eyeballs were soaking all the blue into the recesses of my brain to store for the winter to come!


















And if you’re possibly wondering – yes, we’re still painting.

Hope everyone has been well + enjoying fall!!!!


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