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It’s the Little Things

The major bulk of the painting is done – just a couple more rooms to go!!! 







At least the main rooms are mostly finished.  Just some touch ups, trim painting + what not.  Now I’m not feeling as overwhelmed about it as I was a week ago!  Thanks to Handy Man Jeff.

In addition to the painting, Jeff’s been attending to all the other details that really clean up a home.  Like, taking off the doors for a MAJOR once over!!!  A fresh coat of semi-gloss paint over all the dirty, smudgy ick!

Scraping off the previous tenant’s paint from the fixtures.  Not to be harsh, but I mean, come on!!!  How hard is it, people?!

















Replacing the rusty hinges.



































Damn straight!!!









Right at this moment you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh Shelli – now why are you posting a boring old picture of a door???  Do we really need to find you a life???”.


















IT’S BECAUSE IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Like a completely new door + fixtures!!!!  Yes, obviously I have lost the plot somewhere along the way.  This is what DIY home decor will do to a person.  It’ll make you post pictures of white doors.

On to the hallway.  Check out the painting skillz on the ceiling!  Intentional texture……or the last part of the house to be painted when one is totally so over painting???  You decide.


















By the way, the lighting fixture is from Home Depot for $15.  Previously there was just a bare light bulb hanging in the hallway.  Very crack den chic.

Jeff was painting like a crazy velociraptor, if velociraptors painted houses, that is.


















He would paint well into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes until 4am!!!  I really don’t know where he gets his seriously never ending energy.  Like the Never Ending Story – but in human form.  Yo, I’d be under the comforters by 10pm, stat!!!  Lady needs her shut eye + Jeff knows it!
















The next day, the dreaded kitchen (which is still not completely finished).





We added the Home Depot globe pendant lamps in there as well, because the previous fixtures made me want to break out in hives.








Navy ceilings + peach walls!!!!  Mmmmmmm!!!  A WINNING  combination!  NOT!!!!!!!

GROSS!!!!!!!  WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!????

Again, painting the tedious, crappy cheap, paint leeching trim.  Grrrrr, this trim will be the death of me!!!!


















Every once in a while Jeff + I would have to make a break for it + have field trips around the house.  Here’s Jeff investigating the scary bowels of the house.  From my perspective I was cracking up at Jeff squatted flat to the ground!  Haahaa!!!  He looked like a turtle!


















Hey now, you mean you NEVER have a chuckle at your husband’s expense?  Oh, well I don’t believe a word of it!

More investigating.





This time it was the scary attic.  I ain’t going up in there!











Well, the kitchen still needs some work + more coats on the once glorious navy walls for shizzle.  But mira, my friends!!!  So light!  So airy!  So……how shall I say?  NOT DEPRESSING!!!!!! 


















Painting the kitchen is rough cuz your body sorta needs food.  And tarps over stoves + sinks makes you kinda want to eat triscuits all night.  We did have a pizza + wine painting party one night + it was super fun.

Trying mightily to avoid this room:



















The laundry room aka dumping ground.  This is where everything goes when we shuffle things around to paint.  When I look at this room I always react slightly like this:








I totally spazz out.  Like Superman does around Kryptonite.

Well!!!  Little by little, folks!!!  And I can’t say that it hasn’t been fun!  Yes, at times I’d like to throw a brush at Jeff + not miss, but the majority of this week has felt really fulfilling!!!  I can’t wait to keep going!!!

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  1. I totally hear you about chaos and needing to be in bed by 10…a workaholic adventurer I am not. 🙂

    And that ceiling!? Seriously?! I hope your landlords are paying for all the painting because you just DRAMATICALLY increased their property value. 😛

    October 19, 2012
    • Unfortunately, we tried to go that route, but we are footing the bill. 😦 It’s coming out of our own pocket, but we HAD to paint!!!! As you can well see!!! Miss ya, Michelle!!!

      October 19, 2012
      • I drove past your old Calgary place today and thought of you! Hopefully there’ll be good news about HoW season 3 soon! 🙂

        October 19, 2012
      • Awww!!! I KNOW!!!! Keep your fingers crossed! We’re hoping for season 3 all the way!!!

        October 24, 2012
  2. lupe's mexican food #

    Hey long lost Canadian!! What’s the haps? Are you shocked I’m reading your blog?!??! The house looks super fab-great job guys! Miss you!

    October 20, 2012
    • Lupe!? Is it really you???!!! Code name Lupe. I like that. Do you have a blonde dog???

      October 22, 2012
  3. Karen Tustanoff #

    This sort of before and after makes my spine tingle with delight. What a load of backbreaking work. Give me your landlords number so I can give em hell, they should at least be buying you dinner at Mcdonalds or something for your strains, my God!! You must be overjoyed by the incredible results as compensation. Miss you guys!

    October 24, 2012
    • They are pretty awesome – they’re getting us a new fridge!!! But yes, we are INSANELY overjoyed with the results!!! It’s like a completely different house that we walk into every day!!! And we love it! I can’t wait for you to come visit Vancouver to see our house for yourself!!! We would like your keen interior decor eye! Jeff + I miss our Alberta Weekend Family!!! Hello + kisses to all!!!

      October 24, 2012
  4. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    ALOHA, Nan, the place is seriously shaping UP, Big Time,
    thank goodness, Master of All Trade’s is a work’o’holic that
    is AWsuM, again sorry we can’t be there 2 assist U & Jeff!!!!
    can’t believe they killed off Dominque McElligott, she was
    such a vital part in ”H on W’s ”, sign’s like they may get
    picked -UP !!??!! Ok, gotta run hope all is WELL, luv Papi

    October 25, 2012
    • I know, Hell on Wheels is gettin’ crayzay!!! I’m glad you like the show so much! We’re hoping for a season 3 too!!! We’ll let you know if it gets picked up!!!

      October 25, 2012
  5. Jen Lan #

    umm…i haven’t read this in a bit and it’s kind of blowing my mind. Side note…Jeff’s onesie is possibly from a condo village that i stayed at as a kid in mammoth:
    truly full circle of life, hakuna matata holmes. Is there any chance you will get all Jack Torrance up in Vancouver this winter? i hope not.

    your pal,
    Jen Lan

    October 25, 2012
    • Um, I don’t think so “Jen Lan”!!! It’s in BANFF!!! The Great White North!!! And it’s not a ONESIE!!!!! It’s called coveralls Mr. Desk Job!!!! Who the heck is Jack Torrance?!

      October 25, 2012
  6. Jen Lan #

    October 25, 2012
    • Oh, I’m well on my way, although your concern is very touching.

      October 25, 2012

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