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A Long Way to Go

Hey everyone!  Jeff + I still have a lot of sorting + organizing to do by the end of the month!







Our goal is to try + have as much as we can possibly have donated, dumped or organized to take to Vancouver by the end of the month!  And boy howdy, this summer is going by FAST!  And I mean, FAAAAAAAST!!!!  Nothing like a couple more capital As to really bring home the point!

Back in Exhaw to our trusty storage container.  I told Jeff to feel positive about it all, because we are both floundering in that department.

Well done, Jeff!!!  Way to convey a message of confidence!

Uuuuuuh…..that confidence just flew out the door.

Youwannaknowwhy???  Because that’s only 1/4 of the clothing that is housed inside the container!!!!  Well, on the bright side that means more for me to sell!!!!

Ok, folks – we are finally listing a couple of concrete garden statuaries that Jeff has been hauling around since he picked them off of the Shanghai Noon set.



Since Shanghai Noon!!!  Yo, that movie was shot in 2000!!!









Jackie Chan is getting old, yo!!!  I was like, “These better be good – I’ve never been partial to concrete statuaries unless I want to re-create a creepy New Orleans cemetery.”.  Plus, these things are heavy as all get-out!!!!  The two of us can barely carry the thing!  Ooooh, the unveiling.  I couldn’t wait to see the amazing piece of artistry underneath that would be worth holding onto for 12 years.


OH HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

I was like:

















LORD HAVE MERCY, THAT THING IS FUGLY!!!  And to imagine at one time Jeff had this eyesore in the foyer of his house that he shared with an ex-girlfriend who was an interior designer!!!!  For shame!!!  That is a means for immediate termination in my book!!!!  This is how I really feel about this visual abomination:




















I will not apologize for the fact that bad taste makes me physically ill.

BLEH!  Craigslist, here we come!   After that unfortunate experience, we moved onto his friend Roger’s storage garage where Jeff revealed a couple more essential items that everyone needs in their homes.  A neon pizza sign, anyone?

Old living room set, anyone???






Oh, gross.  I don’t want to be sitting my behind on that musty furniture!  Craigslist!!!  Oh, + by the way – Jeff thinks that I’m a 6′ man with really long arms by the way he makes me move all this heavy stuff around!  Hey!  News flash!  I’m 5’2″ with stunted, Japanese arms!!!!


It’s always relaxing to go take a paddle after being surrounded by so many suffocating material objects.  Off to Gap Lake we ventured.

A beaver dam, y’all!!!




















A beautiful + windy paddle!  I’m finally starting to feel comfortable + excited on my board!!!

Chef’s Studio Japan, take me away!!!  I lived in Little Tokyo + have been to countless Japanese restaurants, but Chef’s Studio in Canmore is number one in presentation!!!!

That, my dear readers is the Issunboushi set dinner.  Service is always sketchy at Chef’s Studio, but the food always makes up for it!!!!

The next day…back to Peter + Dolly’s storage garage.  Jeff was inside delighting himself by sorting through his myriad of old books.

While I chose to wipe + break down an old shelving unit in need of some TLC.  Fun times.

Meanwhile, Jimmy pranced by saying, “Girl, you don’t even KNOW what you’ve gotten yo’self into!!!!”.  Point taken, Jimmy.

Thanks for the sage puppy advice.

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  1. What was THAT doing in Shanghai Noon?! Granted it’s been a few years since I’ve seen the movie, but I did watch it a LOT and that’s not ringing any bells… 🙂

    I think you forgot a few AAAAAAAAs of panic over how fast the summer is winding down!!!!

    August 20, 2012
  2. I KNOW!!!!! I asked the same question! Apparently they used it for a “mission” set. Either way, it is super FUGLY!!!! See you tomorrow at Heritage Park!!! Looking forward to it!!!

    August 20, 2012
  3. Ashley #

    Oh Shells your blog never disappoints, I was laughing aloud when I saw the unveiling of the Shanghai Noon statue! It is so sad looking with the grey paint on the top of his head. I agree that Craiglist is a must for this set relic! 😉

    August 20, 2012
    • It couldn’t have been more unappealing!!! I can’t believe Jeff was hanging on to that ugly dude!

      August 21, 2012
  4. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Duuuh, Nan, U do recall U married a Hoarder, like
    yourself,..hehe…LOL!!!!! GAWD, no doubt U could
    easily do a Thrift Store of your very OWN, huh huh???
    well good luck with all the stuff, did U finally get your
    place in Vancouver??!!?? Good Luck, Luv U, Papi

    August 22, 2012
    • We DEFINITELY could open up our own store!!!!

      August 22, 2012

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