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Work + Play + More Work

A friend of ours asked, “Do you guys ever relax on weekends?  It seems like all you do is chores.”.  A door prize for our friend, please!!!!  Yes, you are correct, sir!  We NEVER relax on weekends!!!!!!  I said to Jeff, “Just one day, I’d like to be that couple that sleeps in + leisurely has breakfast in bed while drinking coffee + reading the newspaper.”.  Like this:






“Oh, hahaha!!!  I just LOVE fresh squeezed orange juice!!!  DON’T YOU????!!!!  HAHAHA!!!” I would ecstatically exclaim.

Sigh.  Nope!  Not in this lady’s cards!!!!









Instead of happy leisure, Jeff + I drove to Canmore to sort through the scary storage shed of my brother + sister-in-law’s rental home that looks oh-so innocent from the outside.






Dark, damp + full of more possessions!!!!! 

There were mosquitoes + spiders – I didn’t know what was crawling on me!  I tugged my trusty work gloves on + tried not to freak out when something wet touched my skin.

There were many, many, many books + magazines.  A couple treasures – but the majority is being donated to the library, thank the lord.  Michelle – thought you’d get a kick out of this one:


















Why does Jeff have stuff in this storage shed, you ask?  Well, I’ll enlighten you!  Jeff lived in this house for a good number of years during his youth.  When Dolly + Peter moved in to rent the house, Jeff kept some of his belongings in the shed.  Now we’re just trying to clear it out after years of neglect.  Dolly put it the best when she said to me, “Sucks to be you!!!”.  Yes, yes it does, Dolly.

Jeff is really lucky that he married someone tiny + mighty – not a pansy pants.  This work was dirty + the lifting was heavy.


















The only glimmer of happiness that I have is seeing Dolly’s unbearably super cute Pomeranian, Jimmy!!!  JIM-MAY!!!!!!

Ooooooooh, I can’t STAND it!!!!!  I just want to squeeze him till he pops!!!!!  Kidnap comes to mind.

At the end of this torturous day I was ready to drive off + make Jeff take a cab alone back to Calgary.  My grand plan was to sulk in the car, but when Jeff drove us to Vermillion Lakes in Banff, it was so gorgeous that it coaxed me out of my childish funk.

We paddled through a shallow, marshy channel that opened up into one of the three lakes.  There’s Mount Rundle in the background.




















A bald eagle!!!!  In all my 36 years as an American, I’ve never once seen a bald eagle in the wild!  This is probably my third bald eagle sighting in Canada!!!  Unfortunately, iPhones are not so sharp in the zoom department.

I’m really glad that Jeff convinced me to take a paddle.  It was a perfect, beautiful afternoon.

That evening, Jeff + our buddy Kyle devised a plan on how to get the best free seats at the Canmore Folk Festival.  You wanna know how?  Drive right up to the outskirts of the fest, park yer truck + straight up chill out!!!!

Best tailgate party ever!!!!

The next day was filled with more toil + trouble.

IT NEVER ENDS!!!!  Bouncing rocking horse, anyone???

Umbrellas, anyone???


















“YEEECCHH!!!!” says Jimmy.














Jimmy feels very badly for me.  I know he does down to his cute little doggy bones.

Thanks, Jimmy.  I knew you’d understand.




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  1. I had a bouncy horse JUST like that! It had a hole in its belly where I used to poke things! I wonder what happened to it…

    August 8, 2012
    • Doesn’t it look sketchy compared to today’s child safety standards????

      August 8, 2012
  2. Lizzzzz #

    Shelli, you just make me laugh all the time – Your blog is light the light of my day! And that Jimmy is too cute! However, I don’t think he’s saying “Yeech”, I think he’s saying…”OoohhhMaaaGheerrd!”!!! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend…

    August 8, 2012

      August 8, 2012

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