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Weekend Paddle in the Rockies

Je m’excuse for not posting recently.  Pure negligence is the only excuse I can offer!  Or possibly it could be because I was seduced over the weekend by the Canadian Rockies!!!!







As is de rigueur, a visit to the Rockies means a visit to Exshaw, where our shipping container awaits us silently + patiently.  The morning of our departure, I packed our hoarded treasures from our American road trip from Los Angeles to Calgary.





I like to call it: “New Inventory”.






Ugggghhhh.  I always forget how big a 40 foot shipping container really is.

I could start a store with the contents of this shipping container!!!

It’s not like we don’t have enough stuff!!!  Let’s add to it, why don’t we???!!!!  Madness!!!!

The owners of the lot are growing tomatoes at the back end of our shipping container, which warmed my cold, cold heart.

After the load, Jeff drove us down to Gap Lake.

We quickly paddled across the lake toward the train tracks.

Where Jeff hauled our boards across the tracks + into the Bow River.

We were pushed down river on a dreamy, tranquil ride.

When I first got on my paddle board I was all cocky with Jeff stating, “Why do I need a life jacket?!  I’ve been in the ocean surfing!  I don’t need a life jacket!!!!”.  But believe you me, dear readers, the first time you fall into glacial waters, you’ll understand why one needs a life jacket.  The cold shock is enough to require something to keep you afloat once you hit these frigid waters – it’s enought to make your heart stop!

An Osprey flying above.

After our paddle, we drove toward Canmore to Karen + Kyle’s house to stay for the weekend.  It was barbeque night!  At one point, Karen said to me, “Shelli!  There’s a bunch of girls in hot pink T-shirts walking into our backyard!  Go check it out!!!!”.  It was a Stagette Party  – that’s what Canucks call a Bachelorette Party!!!!!!  And yes, they were all wearing hot pink T-shirts + jumping on Karen + Kyle’s trampoline.  To say the least, the men present were pretty jubilant.

They all met at Bible camp + 2 of the girls were Canucks who were married to Americans, so they had some very good advice for me in terms of immigration!  Thanks, gals!!!

The next day we went paddling at the Reservoir.

Balmy, warm, peaceful – perfect.

Back at Karen + Kyle’s, Jeff was furrowing his brow over some “Hell on Wheels” homework.







Their little daughter, Juna was reminding Jeff, “Hey, brother – it ain’t all that bad!!!”.  Cute always trumps work.

Meanwhile, Karen was whipping us up a muy delicioso seafood pasta!!!!  Karen is one of the most creative + talented cooks I know!!!!

Not to mention crazy amazing interior designer!!!  At one point, the four of us adults were working on our laptops at the kitchen table.  It was a regular cyber cafe, y’all!!!

Take that, Genius Bar!!!!  Weekends in the Rockies should not be taken for granted!  I always forget how short the summers are in Canada!!!  And this summer is going by SOOO FAAAAST!!!!  I hope everyone else is enjoying the warm weather + taking advantage of the magical bounty that the summer has to offer!!!!

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Nice Photo’s, NAN,…U look great on ur New Paddle
    Board,…Jeff, don’t look 2 bad as well…LOL !!!!! YUM
    the Seafood Pasta looks AWsuM, get recipe…OK !!!!!
    adding 2 the 40Foot Container, that is pure madness,
    hehehe…lol !!! Cyber Cafe’ is craaazziee, Luv U, ;~)

    August 2, 2012
    • I can’t give you a recipe because Karen improvises!!!! But it was SOOO YUMMY!!!!!

      August 4, 2012
  2. Adrianna Benjamin #

    Those shots of the lake look AMAZING! Hope your soaking it all in!

    August 2, 2012
    • Wish you + the Benjamin family were with us!!!!!!

      August 4, 2012
  3. Steven Bruce Hoiles #

    First time commenter, long time reader!

    Happy to see you have a relaxed and proper stance on your new stick…. well done Shelli

    August 8, 2012
    • Thanks, Steve!!! I’m loving my board!!!

      August 8, 2012

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