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Moab – Part 7

The final installment in the Moab saga!!!  The last couple of days on set in Moab brought more obstacles than the days previous.





We took a half hour drive to the first set, situated high up overlooking the Colorado River.  Along the drive as I sat + enjoyed the views, I noticed in my peripheral vision, one VERY strange German crew member (that everyone told me to avoid) was avidly staring at me like a crazy person.  She said to me in her German accent, “Vhen I zee yoo, I sink of ancient thaims”.  Translation: “When I see you, I think of ancient times.”.  Como say whaaaaaa????  I felt like I was sitting next to insanely genius German director, Werner Herzog!!!  He says some pretty amazing, random stuff.




Why are Germans so weird??!!  She went on to explain that I came over the Bering Strait + isn’t it amazing the Native peoples gave birth while squatting.

Then she also went on to say, “Vhen I look at your face, my mind floats to a different place.”.  And she made hand gestures like a butterfly.  I think when she looks at me, The German goes to a far off place + she’s really seeing this:

“When I see you, I think of ancient times”, was how some in the costume department would greet me thereafter.  Classic.

We arrived on set + it was windy as all get up.  The sand was violently ripping at our faces!  But the view – UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Here’s Sarah with the Colorado River behind her.  I called this look: Post-Apocalyptic-Scullery-Maid.

The next set we ventured to was a joy (sarcasm).  It was a hike up + down into a mini canyon.  Maneuvering around the narrow set was made even more difficult when you added all the film equipment + crew members.  Here I am on a prime piece of real estate perched away from all the crowded chaos.

It looks like my arms are getting pink from a sunburn, but the red dirt mixed with the white sunscreen = pink.  Totally hot look.

At night, I would have to scrub at my flesh maniacally to get all the red dirt + sunscreen off of my skin.

It was hot as hell + we were all drinking our electrolyte water like there was no tomorrow.  This is when the wind REALLY kicked up.  Everyone was wearing goggles + covering their faces.  I felt like we were on the planet Tatooine, from Star Wars + they were all Sand People.  Nerd alert!

I was immune.  It really didn’t bother me.  I am a Desert Rat.  I explained to Sarah that I was evolved to be a human camel.  I told her that my fatty eyelids + down turned eyelashes protected me against the dry, sandy desert winds.  It’s true, y’all!!!!  I’m always poking Jeff around the eye + marveling at his crepe-y, thin eye skin.

See the resemblance?  I do.

It was our last day of shooting.  Goodbye, beautiful red planet!

Goodbye, trusty shoes!  So imbedded with red matter.  You have served me well over the years!

On our travel day, 4 of our costume department + the entire stunt department jumbled onto a bus + drove 4 hours from Moab to Salt Lake City for our flight.  We had a break midway through the drive at a gas station.  When Sarah + I were in a humongous line at Subway, I showed her a picture that Jeff had took while on his costume trailer for “Hell on Wheels”.

A stunt guy behind us nosily looked at the picture + asked, “Is that your old man?”.  I haven’t heard the term “old man” when referring to a significant other in a long time + it wasn’t clicking in my dehydrated brain.  So, I looked at him + gave him a dead-pan reply, “Yes. Yes he is old.”.  He looked at me like I was bonkers + extremely insensitive towards my husband.  But he did fill the awkward silence that followed by saying, “He’s got one amazing moustache.”.  Yes!  Yes he does!!!!!!  Award winning!

We arrived at the Salt Lake City airport. Sarah + I plopped ourselves down at the kids’ table + one of the stunt guys thought it was funny + took our picture.

Funny that he had to point out to us that it was the kids’ table.  We just naturally gravitated to it!

Well, folks that about wraps up the Moab series!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my dusty fun times!!!!  It took about two days to rehydrate myself + feel normal again.  Nevertheless, I miss Moab very much + hope I can return one day to spend more time hiking + river rafting!!!!!  Thanks, Moab!  I love you!

Note:  Darned WordPress is acting up + thus, the format of this post is allllll kinds of wrong!  I will try + re-format when it decides to behave!  Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Ahhhh, a Star Wars reference! The Force is strong with this blog… 🙂

    June 21, 2012
    • Haha! I knew you’d approve of the reference!!!!

      June 22, 2012
      • We’ve never even met, and yet you know me so well! I love it! 🙂
        (Ah, I’m such a geek…what can you do?)

        Hey, are you allowed to say what the title of the thing you were working on is, or is that “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” info?

        June 22, 2012
      • It’s true! I cannot reveal it! My husband would have to put a search party out for me if I did!!! 😉

        June 25, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Nanook, another Film in ur Back Pocket, NIIICE !!!!!
    definitely Moab is a place 2 visit not a place 2 work at
    especially in the Film ‘BIZ’, it’s hump time all day long,
    urrrgggh, i was so happy when we wrapped MI-2 there
    and back home….ok, take care, Nan, cheers, Luv, ” D”

    June 21, 2012

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