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Moab – Part 6

Our day off in Moab!!!!  Huzzah!!!!!  River rafting was on the agenda for the majority of our costume department!

What made it an extra special event was the fact that we were able to arrange a rafting trip with two of our beloved background artists as our rafting guides!!!!  A little back story….the bulk of our background in Utah were Moab locals.  Some were flown in from Salt Lake City.  Some were flown in from Los Angeles.  But, in the summertime Moab is teeming with boys working seasonally as river guides for tourist season.  A ton of our background boys were river guides.  Sarah + I called them the Hot River Guides (HRG).  Luckily, we were able to nab two of our favorites (yes, we do give preferential treatment!) for the day!!!!

They were associated with the company, Adrift Adventures.  It was great because since we personally knew them, it felt like we were spending a Sunday with good friends!

















Thumbs up, Fonzie style.

We were all given life vests + were loaded onto a big, elementary school style bus!  It felt like 705 (our union) summer camp!!!!

Wheeeeee!!!!  There was a small group of non-705 tourists + I felt bad for them because we kept being referred to as, the “film crew” + we were loud + rowdy! Group photo!!!!!!

I had to take a picture of Sarah in her getup.  It was Grandma-on-a-rafting-trip/cowgirl/New Age.  I should rename this blog, “Stuff That Sarah Wears”.  I think it’d do well!

The group separated into two boats.  Here is our precious Kevander manning our vessel.  Sarah + I loved calling him, “Commander Kevander”, because it sounded good + he is the sweetest, most gentle soul around.

It was an easy, gentle ride.  Heck, I thought we were going to be rowing the boat in unison with the guide!!!  I didn’t realize Kevander was going to be doing all the work by himself!!!  Luxury!!!  I felt like an Onassis on a yacht cruise!!!  Or Goldie Hawn in “Overboard” before she went overboard!









Cha-cha-cha!!!  Where’s my Virginia Slim?!  JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

We all sat back, relaxed + enjoyed the views.

Chrissie, Sarah + I jumped into the river at one point to cool off, + we hung on to a rope attached to the raft, as we drifted along the river.  Or, so we romantically thought.  Kevander stated, “It feels like there’s 3 anchors tied to the end of the boat!”.  Yo!!!!!  Point taken!  Poor Kevander, towing all that lady weight behind him!!!

There’s no pictures of Kevander lifting us 3 ladies back onto the raft, because it would have been WAY too humiliating!!  It’s harder to get back into the raft than you think, y’all!!!  It was like lifting 3 full-grown harbor seals onto the boat!!!  So graceful!!!  So much girth!!!!!







The monument coming up on the left is called, “Bon Jovi”.  Oh yes, folks.  Of 1980’s + 90’s fame – Bon Jovi.







Yep, an old heartthrob of mine.  I ain’t too proud!!!!  No joke, this monument is named after Bon Jovi, for the video he shot on it’s expanse, for his song from the film, “Young Guns” (remember Emilio Estevez?  Lou Diamond Phillips???  Hmmm, yeah…..) titled, “Blaze of Glory”.

I LOVE this video!!!!  They need to bring Americana back!!!  It’s SO GOOD!!!!!

Here we come up to the “rapids”!!!!  Watch out, ladies + gents!!!

Woooooo!!!!  EXTREME!!!!  NOT!  By “rapids” I mean a mere bump in the river.  It was like floating in bathwater!!!  Perfect after a night at Woody’s Tavern.

After the super fun, relaxing + informative tour, we took pictures in front of the Adrift Adventures bus.  My boys!!! We were all famished!  On to lunch on Main Street !!!!

There is an amazing Tshirt screen-printing shop in downtown Moab.  You have to check it out!   There’s screens to chose from that they’ve kept since the ’90’s!  Sooooo classic!!!!

We could’ve stayed there for hours.  No joke!!!  After the tranquil river raft we all walked the 1.7 miles back to the Super 8 Motel.  Here I am trying to negotiate some old pawn turquoise from these two. 






They were a shrewd, shrewd couple.  A super-comatose late afternoon awaited us all.  Did I hear you requesting a Moab Part 7???!!!!  Wait no more!!!!  Part 7 you will receive!!!!!!!

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Yo, Nanook, U were having too much fun in,
    Moab…huh huh, enjoy ur trip back thru, Moab,
    on ur way 2, Alberta, boo’YAAH, mahalo, papi

    June 21, 2012

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