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Moab – Part 4

Every day spent in Moab reminded me of the fact that I’m a very lucky girl.  We reported to work everyday to a breathtaking location that I would never have had access to otherwise.





In the morning, a van would pick us up at the Super 8 hotel + drive us an hour to basecamp.

Photo courtesy of Laura Wolford.

The drive on the semi-paved roads were HELLA bumpy.  So bumpy that when we drove over a boulder, we’d be sent flying straight up in our seats!  Mercy!!!  I always took the back seat of the van on the way in, because it don’t bother me none.  Some crew members (mostly men) would whine + moan during the ENTIRE van ride about how horrible the jostling was.  My god, man up!!!!  I would just pretend that I was riding an elephant + everything was okee dokee.









The van driver yelled to me, “You take the back seat like a champ!!!!”.  I don’t know if that’s anything that I would brag about to my friends, or especially to Jeff.  I’m not going to run out + get that statement printed on a T-shirt, that’s for darned certain!

After the morning prep + before we scurried off to set, we all took a minute to take a group picture of our costume department.  Yaaay, team!!!

How cute is our department?!  I loved them all.  When we arrived at set, another half hour drive away – I was in a moooood!!!!  Sarah was like, “Man, you are crazy cranky!  What happened to you?!”.  Well, guess what?  Later, she gave me electrolyte pills that I drank with water + after that, I was tra-la-la, all the way.  Magic happy pills! Cured!

An essential to have in Moab is Elete Electrolyte.











Get it.  No matter how much water you drink, you NEED electrolytes!!!  Elete Electrolyte are drops of sea water, potassium chloride, etc., to put in your drinking water, which saved our well-prepared department from many incidents of temporary insanity + clawing at each other out of dehydration desperation.  The only place in Moab where it is sold (that we know of) is the FANTASTICAL + MYSTICAL hippie market, Moonflower.

Here is what Sarah + I typically looked like on set:

Everyday Sarah always looked like a post apocalyptic country hitch hiker or scullery maid.  Edgy unintentional looks that I greatly admired.  We gave up on trying to look presentable or decent in any way.  We gave ourselves up to the red dust.

As we were on set, a beautiful lightning storm came into the valley.  The Los Angeles crew was like, “Eeeeeee!!!!” + we stopped shooting for safety reasons.  Sarah, Debbie + I were like, “LET’S RIIIIIIDE THIS STORM!!!!!!  Bring it!!!!”.  The locals on set were also very unconcerned + stoicly muttered, “The storm will pass.  We will remain unharmed.”.  So, we 3 ladies took the opportunity to set our haunches down + have a wee chat.  Sarah put on her new Patagonia Houdini windproof jacket + goggles.  Amazing.

Post apocalyptic Kermit the Frog. 


















The storm passed, precious camera equipment went unharmed, + it was business as usual. It was so easy to be at work when the daily 365 degree view was of continuous beauty.  Red sand dunes.

The rock formations had unusual stripes + dot patterns that were strange + unbelievable!

The hot + unpredictable weather surged on.  We were truly looking forward to our one day off.  If you’re going to have only one day off, one is sure to make it a spectacular one!!!  Stay close to you computers for a glimpse of recreational desert fun times!!!  Yes, Moab – part 5!!!!


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  1. It look amazing there. I remember shooting a movie in Death Valley we had to go to work at 3am and take a break in the afternoon( too hot to work) then go back after 3pm for a couple of hours. The surroundings were beautiful and like you said I would have never gone there if I wasn’t on a movie. All the hard work, dirt and heat is worth it. Enjoy your day off. xoxox

    June 17, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Hey, Nan, U look like a Local..haha!!!!
    great opening photo by the way. well
    now i know U will be going back some
    day, it’s a great place 2 visit, indeed!!!!!

    June 18, 2012

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