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Moab – Part 2

Now that I’ve been back from Moab for a week, it’s already starting to feel like a distant memory.  Oh, Moab – don’t go!!!!  Stay tucked in the deep recesses of my brain!!!!!


On our first day, we packed the costumes + gear onto trucks to travel to basecamp/set.  We were like packing Tasmanian Devils.  Ferocious + small.  Tiny but mighty. 

Here’s my buddy Sarah peeking out from the fitting room curtains:

Note the nude bra hanging at the top left corner.  That’s how we like to party.

It takes almost an hour driving from the costume department to the set.  The road is long + crazy bumpy – so don’t take long pulls from your flask.  But it don’t matter none when everything is so unbelievably beauteous.

Now, that there is the Colorado River, y’all.  The sight of it will cause the strongest man to weep.  I actually don’t know that for a fact, but it just sounds good.

Ladies + gentlemen, our tent.  We have arrived.

ZOOM IN!  There’s Sarah waving, “Heeeyooooo!!!!!”.












The back of our tent – that’s the air condition unit that looks so small + innocent.  We would later discover it will frequently break down on us during the over 100 degree heat.  Extra fun times when you’re enclosed in a hot sauna with over 60 sweaty bodies + food.  Yum!

View looking out from inside of the tent.  Incroyable!!!!

Does it look like Mars?  Because it felt like Mars.  We were based at a Potash Extraction Facility.  Como say whaaaat???  Ahem, now class – potash is mined + manufactured salt that contains potassium in water-soluble form.  They use potash in fertilizer, y’all.  At this facility they add a blue dye to the water to speed up the evaporation process, thus resulting in a lovely bed of potash.  The end.


DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT ADJUSTING YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!!!!  Those are the true colors of the water + it’s surroundings!  I am not even pulling on your chain!!!!  Isn’t it amazing?!

Well, when our truck arrived, we had to drag the heavy racks through soft, red dirt.  Let me tell you – wheels are no good to a person when they are sinking in red sand.  No bueno.  We were not feeling so mighty after that battle, so we headed “downtown” for some seriously needed sustenance.  We did not eat here, but the name of the restaurant was cracking me up.

So random.  After devouring some really tasty tacos at “Wake + Bake Cafe” (heh-heh, more funny names – I love Moab), Sarah + I wandered across the street to our costume department’s favorite shopping destination.  Walker Drug.

Obsession is not a strong enough word.  This place has everything, homies.  Neti pots, sunscreen, camouflage baseball hats, fishing + camping supplies, zombie posters + a collection of these:

Sexy-tattooed-biker fairies, anyone?  I mean, what the heck!  Sarah + I were freaking out + pulling our hair out, whilst jumping up + down in our disbelief.  They also had a Sexy Brandon Lee “The Crow” fairy but I was so confused about the entirety of them that I forgot to take a picture.  Just imagine this:

But with fairy wings.  Genius.

Off to a good start, Moab.  But just wait my dear readers, as events get even MORE thrilling as the adventure continues…..

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  1. Beautiful photos – the colours are amazing!

    June 13, 2012
  2. The colors were UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I was so lucky to experience them!

    June 13, 2012
  3. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Nanook, terrific photos ur getting the knack, i hope
    U and Jeff, get the chance 2 visit Moab on ur way
    back 2 Canuck Land, thanks for brekky yesterday
    it was mucho delicioso !!!!! luv U, papi

    June 18, 2012

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