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Malaise In Calgary Chinatown

Chinatown Calgary has been our new home for the week.  We moved here on Tuesday to be closer to Jeff’s location on “Hell on Wheels”.






Chinatown in Calgary is relatively small.  It’s about approximately 4 blocks.  I’m sure they envy the much larger Chinatown in Vancouver.  We’re staying in a VRBO Vacation Rental By Owner (our go-to vacation rental website – it’s fantaaaastic) apartment for about a week.  Do you know who else hangs out in our apartment complex???  Chinese Freemasons!!!!

I didn’t know there were Chinese Freemasons.  Masonic Temples creep me out – something about it all seems very cultish with their esoteric symbolism + secret handshakes.  I’d like to learn more about these mysterious Masons.  Here’s Jeff representing the Canadian flag.

There’s a baby pigeon living on our balcony.  Mama pigeon was scared off – she usually sits her ample bottom on top of the baby for warmth.

Awwwww/Eeeeeew!!!  I’m on the fence about this baby pigeon.  I’m all about baby animals, but this baby ain’t so cute – it looks like a plucked goose.  Sorry bebeh pigeon.  I wish this was living on my porch:











I don’t know who this jovial looking charlatan is, or if he’s an vaudeville performer, singer, comedian or dancer, but whatever he is looks like a whole lot of awesome + I bet he puts on one hellauva show!  Thumbs up!!!

It was raining yesterday in Calgary.  Yo, people in Canada do not give an F about rain!!!  People will walk about sans umbrella, boots or raincoats!!!  Hardcore!

Go, Grandma!!!  You can’t tell from that photo, but it was RAINING.  I was wearing my knee length Patagonia parka, boots + an umbrella + felt like a proper d-bag.  People were walking around all casual-like getting their hair wet, wearing open toe shoes – scandalous!

Here’s a little bit of Calgary graffiti, sponsored by Art Central.

For the love of God, woman!  Put some clothes on!  Look at that young lass walking by wearing a skirt with BARE LEGS, no less!!!  Put on some stockings at least!  I saw many ladies young + old walking around in the rain with bare legs.  My, my, my, I do say.

The Bow skyscraper is the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto.  I thought it looked very pretty in the rainy mist.

A local tailor shop.

My market across the street.

Wicked cheap produce.  Canucks like to say wicked.

Shirts + soy sauce.  If anyone knows the meaning behind these paper shirts with bling in gift boxes, please let me know!  I want to collect them all!

Bulk beans.  Take that, Whole Foods!!!

Random Mammoth painting.  Ummmm, whatever floats your boat of randomness!!!

Between running around in the rain + working out + having wet hair I started to run a crazy fever!  No other symptoms, but my entire body was en fuego!!!!!  I immediately was laid out in bed, shivering + burning up.   This is what I felt like:

Except not blonde, with peaches + cream skin + looking tragically beautiful.  It’s been raining steadily in Calgary + poor Jeff has been working nights in the mud + muck on “Hell on Wheels”.  Here he is exhausted + geared up.

Poor Jeff, he works so hard.  Only four more months to go!  I said that to him this morning + it was not much of a pep talk.  I do not envy him.  Yikes, westerns.  Good on ya, mate!  I salute you!  Oh, I have to give a shout out to Anson Mount for posting my blog on his Twitter account!  I’ve had so many new readers come by for a visit!!!  Thanks, homie!!!  Anson’s quiet, just beneath the surface rage on “Hell on Wheels” is one to watch!  Watch it!!!!

Oh yes, + let’s not forget Common.  Hot-cha-chaaa!!!!

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  1. Grace Pyke #

    Shelli you crack me up. I miss you girl, when are you back?

    April 28, 2012
    • Hey Gracie!!! I get back May 8th – we still all have to go to Hugo’s!!!!

      April 30, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    hi, Nanook…firstly U don’t need 2 collect anymore stuff
    especially…Paper Chinese Shirts…ouch,…and by the by
    did U find any avocados at the Chinese Mkt, ?
    yup, spot on, ”Hell on Wheel’s”, is worth watching or DVR
    for sure,…gawd,..poor…Capt. Jack, looks freakishly tired,
    don’t yah NO, Western’s R a bear,…Ok, hope ur feeling,
    better, Nan,…TAKE CARE, best 2 , Jeffrey,..Luv Yah, papi

    April 29, 2012
  3. the paper shirts/bling are burned at traditional chinese funerals, as so that the deceased has these things in their afterlife, sometimes people just burn joss paper, which is like money, or else there are paper mache items, you can practically find anything ranging from a car or a house to like, a phone or an iron.

    May 9, 2012
    • Interesting!!! Thanks for informing me of this tradition! I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in Los Angeles’s Chinatown!

      May 9, 2012

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