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Mall Walker

When in Rome, they say!!!  As I am in Calgary, what have I been up to?  Walking the malls, don’tchaknow!!!!






The schlep from Canmore to Calgary where Jeff’s costume department/production/studios for “Hell on Wheels” is about an hour drive.  But behold at what I get to savor during this drive!

Snooooow caaaapped moooountaaaains.  The famed Three Sisters!  Hey, I ain’t used to looking at snow capped.  Just the chaparral covered ones.  SoCal, yo.

The studios are buzzing like a baby bee hive.  But, for a crew that is supposed to start shooting in 2 days, you would never even guess it!  Everyone is SO NICE!!!!!  SO CANADIAN!!!!  I LOVE CANADIAAAAANS!!!  If it was a Los Angeles crew about to shoot in 2 days, faces would be getting ripped off. 












Here are some pictures of the inside of the stages.

Tent city.  No, not Skid Row tent city.  1864 tent city, silly.


















Of course, there’s a random deer just chilling up on the scaffolding.  Why wouldn’t there be?  It’s Calgary, people!

Inside the costume storage shed.  Calicos, buckskin, felt cowboy hats…I want to live in there.

Jeff introduced me to about almost every single person on the crew.  We ran into Anson Mount, the lead actor who plays Cullen Bohannon.  I met him last summer + as I put out my hand to shake, he grabbed me for a hug.  Ooooh myyyyy, well don’t mind if I do!!!!

















Smoky.  Caliente.  As all my good friends will attest, I’m a lady who never refuses a hug from a man with handsome facial hair.  Anson’s performances as a former Confederate soldier out for blood is my absolute favorite part of the show.  Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

After leaving the studios, I headed towards the Cross Iron Mills shopping mall – the largest single story mall in Alberta.  Jeff recommended that I shoot straight towards the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World!!!!!!  Jeff knows me SO well!!!

Heck!!!  This place was off the chain!!!  It’s like Disneyland!!!  There was a fireplace in the entrance of the store!  A FIREPLACE!!!!

I was starstruck to say the least.  Can I say starstruck?  Not really.  Well, if the stars were the taxidermy animals, then yeah, ok.

This place was filled to the brim with dead animals.  I mean, filled.  It made me really sad, they were so beautiful.  But, you couldn’t help staring at the attention to detail spent on the displays.  Wolves chasing after caribou!  Crazy!!!!

Got camouflage?

The largest wall of firearms.  The display above the firearms read, “Hunting.  A Canadian tradition.”.  Oh, really?

Here’s the directory for the mall.  I am totally in cowboy country.  Some call Calgary, “Nashville West”.  I loves it.

















This dude is totally taking fashion cues from the directory.  He was serious about his look.


















Aaaaaargh!!!  The cursed Golliwogs!!!!  I’m just so shocked that they are sold out in the open, la-di-da style.  Check out my post on this British/Commonwealth affection for these rascally minstrel dolls.

Cross Iron Mills is ridiculously gargantuan.  1,178,000 sq ft, y’all!!!!  I hung out at the Starbucks + the sweet, unfortunately acne ridden barista constantly laughed REALLY loud like Tom Hulce in “Amadeus”.

It was kind of annoying, but he was so sweet + joyous that I silently put my head down + plowed ahead on my computer.

Last night, Jeff took me to Chef’s Studio Japan for dinner in Canmore.


















I am always a skeptic about good Japanese food.  Do not fear!  Chef’s Studio Japan is muy autentico, my friends!!!!!

I was forced to take another picture, because Jeff insisted on getting some face time.

I call that facial expression Jeff makes, “Crazy Eyes”. The fish was fresh, the presentation was artistic + beautiful!  The tempura, light + crispy!  My compliments to the chef!  Gochiso-sama deshita!!!  This is a polite Japanese phrase giving respect to the preparer of your meal.  Say this to the chef upon leaving + they will be happy little clams!

I’ve been having a hoot of a time in Alberta – more adventures are in my future!!!

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Nanook, i’d say U R having a Blast in Alberta, Go-Girl,
    yuummm sushi in the middle of the Canadian Rockie’s,
    WOW, that is AWsuM, glad 2 hear U are off-the-charts
    just having a grand time, ENJOY,…Mahalo, dadd0

    April 22, 2012
  2. Anson Mount tweeted your blog, so like a good fangirl I promptly followed the link, and have spent half an hour giggling to myself, reading all of your posts. I moved to Alberta from Vancouver Island thirteen years ago, and that was enough of a culture shock without having moved here from the States…haha!

    I’m a big fan of Hell on Wheels – if you get a chance to hang out with Christopher Heyerdahl, I’d really love to read that blog post! 😉 I’ll definitely be sticking around to read more of your Alberta adventures, in a polite Canadian/non-stalkerish sort of way. 🙂 If you get time this weekend to do some sightseeing, you should definitely check out the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo – lots of fun stuff going on – one of my favourite Calgary weekend of the year.

    Welcome to the prairies! 🙂

    April 24, 2012
    • Wow! Thanks to Anson I’ve got some new readers!!! Yaaay! Thank you for the welcome! Yes, Alberta is definitely a different animal – I’m having a really good time discovering it! It’s funny you mentioned the comic expo, I was actually going to try + check it out on Friday!!! Thanks for reading!

      April 25, 2012
  3. Denise Garrett #

    Hugged by the handsome Anson Mount?? I would still be hanging on!! LOL Enjoy your blog.

    April 24, 2012
  4. Anne-Lisa Scheihing-Winters, PhD #

    Great blog! The way you phrase things is positively the epitome of fun.

    April 25, 2012
    • Thanks!!! I’m having fun every day, for sure!!! I’m NEVER bored!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

      April 25, 2012
  5. I grew up in Calgary. Cross Iron mills didn’t exist then. When I was visiting home and went back and discovered it, it blew me away. Of course, I’d seen something almost identical in Austin Texas (no surprise). I found you on truth and cake, and am rather excited to see my home town through your eyes… I hope my people are treating you well.

    July 14, 2012
    • Thanks, I LOVE CALGARY!!!! I’ve only been here a week so far + have so much more to explore!!! It is definitely a different world from Los Angeles, though! Will keep you updated! Thanks for reading!!!!!!

      July 14, 2012
      • We have at least 2 Calgarians on our collective blog, Mother Sugar, if you’re interested… and for what it’s worth I’ve married an odd Belgian man, and moved countries four times, so what you’re going through- I can relate. Maybe we’ll see you stop by sometime.

        July 14, 2012

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