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Back To Business – Sort Of

The drive to Alberta took the wind out of our sails.  I don’t know how sitting on my tuchus while berating Jeff about his bad music (Daft Punk=baaaaad.  Neil Young=goooood) as he drove is tiring, but it was.





I awoke yesterday morning to a princess brushing her teeth in the bathroom.

That’s Princess Juna.  She is the daughter of King Kyle + Queen Karen of Canmore, who’s manor we are gratefully residing in at the present!  Our digs are plush yet sleek at the same time!!!

Straight from a design magazine, right?!  Wellllll, since you asked, their home was featured in a Calgary based magazine, “Avenue”.  Check out her righteous, self-taught, bad-ass interior design skillz + the much superior photos of the house here: “A Modern Mountain Home in Canmore”.

Rainwater shower head!!!  What, what!!!!  Represent!!!  King size bed to boot.  Droool!  Now Jeff doesn’t punch me in the forehead with his elbow in my sleep!  High five for me!

My pictures really do no justice. Please look at the magazine article to visually delight yourself in top-notch modernism!!!

Out + about (or “oooot + abooot” as Canucks pronounce it) in Canmore,

our first stop was O Bistro – one of our faaaave restaurants.  The food is always fresh, creative + consistent!!!  We shared the bison burger:


















And the wild salmon sandwich:


















We ate every single bite, you would have thought we licked the plates clean.

We embarked on errand after errand after lunch.  Banking, meeting with Jeff’s lawyers – who are the nicest lawyers I have ever met, (because they’re from Canmore, no doubt) etc.  Here’s Jeff conducting business on outdoor clothing store Valhalla Pure Outfitters bench.

Hello, Mr. Fayle?  May I step into your office?  So SERIOUS!!!!

Next, was a visit to Dolly, my Native sister-in-law.  Huh?  How do I have a Native sister-in-law?  According to Dolly, she adopted Jeff as her brother in a Native ceremony.  She calls him, “bro” + me, “little sis”.  She yells at Jeff more than I do.  I love her.  And I’m OBSESSED with her pomeranian, Jimmy!!!  JIM-MAY!!!!!!

He is my dream!!!!  Lookit him in his little jersey!!!  I can’t STAND IT!!!!!! 

My two favorite guys!  And I end this post, leaving you with an image of infinite cuteness.

Possibly illegal in some states.

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    good morning, Nanook & Capt. Jack,…glad U made it
    to Canmore, and the grind’zee at O Bistro,..Yummmm
    now i’m starv’in, Yike’s the manor ur presently residing
    at is AWsuM, can U afford IT…haha…LOL !!! yep, U
    must love this Dolly, who yells a lot and her Jim’May is
    a Hoot,…Ok, hang in there hope the suits R helping U
    with the paper work, so U can become a Canuck !!!!!
    cheers, Mahalo, luv – Mum and DaddO

    April 20, 2012

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