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The Power Of Baby

After a long, rough week at work, I was feeling pretty beat down yesterday.  But, spending time with one of my best gal pals + her 11 week old widdle baby boy was the best cure for a decrepit soul.






When my body feels overused, I walk around like an old stunt man that did too many falls off horses on Bonanza.  Translation: I walk all hunched, kind of bow legged + have to swing my legs around to get them to move, as if I have a bad hip.  It’s weird.  My mom yells at me + says, “Stop walking like old cowboy!!!!”.




My old crony, Adi + I decided to rock it old school + meet at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon, where she treated me for birthday lunch.  Thanks, Adi!!!  I don’t know why we used to go there in high school, but we did.  Maybe because we thought we were fancy hippies?  It’s situated by a creek, the food is organic, they play tinkly, soothing new age music + yadda yadda.  They have foo foo names for items on the menu + as a tired costumer + a tired new mommy, we read the menu for about 15 minutes because we both didn’t understand any of it.  Adi ordered salmon with Lemon Beurre Noisette – we were like what the hell is that?  It’s just lemon butter, y’all.  But the main course was…..BABY SOLOMON!!!! 

I was going to DEVOUR him!!!  Look at that little tongue!!!!  To die for!!!  My mom can never remember his name – my theory is because it’s kind of a hard name for a Japanese person to pronounce.  So, she always makes up crazy Bible names for him + says, “Oh, say hi to Ezekiel!!!” or, “How is Moses?”.  It’s hilarious.

Here he is observing his mommy’s belated birthday gifts + modeling her new bracelets so well.  Doesn’t he look like a little genius?!

Adi was entertaining me with new mommy stories that I was relishing.

That’s her imitation of Solly crying.  Look at his face – concerned!!!  He’s like, “Huh?!  Wuzzat?  Who’s crying?!”.

Lookatthatface!!!  I can’t STAND it!!!!  Zoom in!!!!!!




Look at that little tongue!!!  I CAN’T STAND IT I TELL YOU!!!!!








I held Solly + made monkey noises, which made him pretty darned psyched.





How small is my nose?  Anyway, the din of my clock ticking was getting too loud for the restaurant, so we decided to walk around.  I was so excited to stop by our old high school hangout, vintage shop Hidden Treasures.

The two of us hadn’t been there in so long, + it was so weird to be coming back avec bebe!!!!!  Have I taken Jeff there?  I don’t remember, but he would have flipped out.

We walked across the street to another vintage joint + as I was looking at a rack of clothing, I heard Adi’s tiny voice say from across the room, “Shells, I’m just going to sit for a minute.”.  This is what I found:

What a tired mommy!  The most perfect chair for a new mommy to collapse into.

I had a great day catching up with Adi.  And there’s nothing like a fresh dumpling like Solomon to leave me feeling much renewed!!!!  It was a happy weekend + I now have a brighter outlook after having some baby time!!!  What a cure!


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  1. rocky, mom #

    Hi 80,
    He is so cute! He has mommy’s eyes.
    Now for sure I could remember your baby’s name, Solomon after seeing many of his SMART looking photos.
    God asked King Solomon what he wants most and he said the wisdom. So God gave it to him the unsurpassed wisdoms. Even Queen of Sheba praise his wisdoms.


    March 25, 2012
  2. kenneth nishino #

    ALOHA, Adi-Do, U have the cutest handsome baby, congrats ~~!!!!!!!!

    March 28, 2012

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