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Thank You, Mike Kelley

Today, I visited MOCA on Grand Avenue, especially to see their special exhibit tribute to Mike Kelley






In high school, Sonic Youth released their album, “Dirty” in 1992.  I remember being so curious/confused about the album cover.

I found out it was artwork by artist, Mike Kelley.  I became interested in contemporary art for the first time in my life!  And I remember wanting to learn so much more about it!


Earlier this year, Mike Kelley committed suicide following a serious depression.  When I heard the shocking news on the radio, memories immediately flooded my head + I became so heartsick.  Mike Kelley’s artwork went up against religion, education, childhood + sexuality.  His aesthetic has been called repulsive, creepy + ugly.  I thought it was really punk rock. 






















































Mike Kelley represented subversion, danger + an entirely voracious new world.  That is a world + a time of desire + discovery that I can always go back to in my mind.  Thanks to Mike Kelley.

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