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Southern Cali Fiesta (pt.1)

Yes, the time had come for the annual Deb (my most awesome sister-in-law) + her best friend, Canmore Karen girls’ weekend.  Sans les enfants.  That’s French for, “ain’t no kids included”.  Where did they choose this year for their destination?!  Los Angeles!!!!  Woooot for me!!!!  I love sharing the city I love to people who appreciate it!!!!


I’ll try + make this short + sweet, because we did SOOOOO MUCH!!!!  Still, it’ll be a two parter.  So I’ll try + do a pictorial essay.


Yaaaaay!!!!  The Canadian Mommy Tribe have arrived!!!!  Karen to my right, Deb to my left.  Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade behind us.











Jeff took a candid photo of the three of us watching the sunset from the front of their hotel, The Shore (ocean view, y’all!).  Look how beautiful the sun deprived ladies look with the sunset lighting up their delighted, joyful + naturally gorgeous faces.

Zoom in…uuuuuuuuh.  When did the confused, Mongolian sheep herder with the wide jaw line jump in?!  Somebody, get her out of the shot!!!  Uuuuuuuhhhh….





Yummy, velvety oysters for appies (Canadian for appetizers) at The Coast.




Food was over rated at The Coast, but go for the oysters at happy hour!!!!







After dinner, we stopped by Chez Jay for a drink, then made our way to Zanzibar for drinks + dancin’.  No details need be revealed!!!!  Kid Free Weekend, that’s all I need to say!!!  The next day, a quick stop at The Eames House.

Of course, next is the mandatory jaunt to The Eames Office on Pico.  Karen is a tall, cool glass of water for sure!!!  And tan!  And crazy stylish!!!!  Don’t hate!!!


The afternoon was spent shopping along Abbott Kinney, one of my top 5 fav streets.  Tortoise , for it’s Japanese home goods, Huset shop for Scandinavian.  Look at my face, I freak for Scandinavian.








We had lunch at the hyped up, Gjelina.  There was a wait, so I took the opportunity to style Jeff for a mini photo shoot.

Food was good, if not a bit salty.  But their service was top notch!!!!  A +++!!!!




That night, Jeff + I treated ourselves to a stay at The Shore.





Can you say neurotic?!  Jeff insisted on polishing a blemish off of the glass from the balcony!!!  God, help me!!!



















View from our ocean view balcony.  Swanky-swank-swanksville!!!!


My gal pal Debbie came to join us for drinks in our room.  Fashion plate Jeff couldn’t wait to show off one of his thrift store finds, a groovy, vintage Hang Ten jacket.  “Yo, checkitout!!!!”


















“Ladies, what do you think?!  Vintage!!!!”.  Jeff looks like a showroom salesman.  Canadian Mommy Tribe seem very disinterested.  Mas vino por favor!


El Cholo, on Wilshire for dinner.  I’ve been eating there for years.  I warned everyone about how strong the margaritas are at this beloved Mexican joint.  This is how strong they are:








They are no joke, y’all!!!!  Karen’s face says it all!!!  Beware!  Take care!!!  There are still more adventures to be had, so stay tuned later in the week for more Southern California fun!!!!




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  1. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    Mum’sie & I need to do sum recon on Abbott Kinney, since it’s fairly close to Mitsuwa Mkt. PL.
    we should just swing by and check out these knarly kool shopping joints, glad to hear , Deb,
    and BGF, had a most enjoyable time here in LALA,…i’m sure they were grateful , Nanook &
    Jeffrey, drove them around,…EL Cholo’s, on both, SAMO and Western Ave. dakine kine haole
    mexicano grind’zee, it’s to bad, Mum & I missed, Deb, on her visit, Mahalo, cheers, M & D.

    January 18, 2012
  2. Karen Tustanoff #

    Most awesome time guys,you were incredible guides to an incredible city, may have to book this one again wit y,all. Woke up to -37C today and Junas temperature of 104F, guess whos California dreaming. Thanks for the good times Karen

    January 19, 2012
  3. Deb #

    It was the bestest of the best weekends ever!! I want you up here with us Shelli, but I don’t know … sun and LA. sweetness was fabulous! Thanks for being our tour guides, driver and itinerary planners – it was immensely appreciated and so much fun to have you with us for our weekend away. Boo-hoo we missed Kenny and Rocky but …. there will be a next time. love Debs

    January 19, 2012
    • Deb + Karen rule!!!! Miss you ladies!!!!

      January 22, 2012

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