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Mood Meter

Jeff is still in town + this week we were determined to overhaul my parents’ house + organize my Canada boxes.  It’s been a real chore.








Can you see Jeff’s little head peeking out from behind all of my boxes???  The neighbors all looked very concerned/confused.


It hasn’t been fun.  It’s been pretty darn exhausting.


We’ve been discovering many funny, odd + potentially disturbing things.  I am understanding now that hoarders (Jeff) come from a family of hoarders + those hoarders (Jeff) marry hoarders (Shelli) that also come from a family of hoarders.  More on that later….




Jeff found this doll in the midst of lots + lots + lots of stuff.  He calls it the “Shelli Mood Meter”.  It has three different faces when you twist the bon bon on the top of her hood.  He took it down to the kitchen + told my parents to check the baby’s face, so they’ll know if they have to tread lightly around me.  They all laughed very loud + hearty.  They were quite enjoying themselves at my expense.  Real nice, guys.



This happy face is not displayed very often.  Almost never, actually.







This face, occasionally throughout the day when I get whiny.









Now this face – this face is pretty much showcased for about 97.5% of the time.  Look at that angry face!!!!  I love it!!!  Everyone stays clear of me when they see that face.  Grrrrrrrr.






Our most fabulous sister-in-law Deb + her best friend Canmore Karen are coming into Los Angeles today!!!!  We are playing tour guide, so it will be a super great time!!!  I’m sure my parents are excited to have the house back to themselves + be rid of their bossy-pants, grumpy youngest daughter!!!!


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  1. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    ha ha ha,…Bah’ Hum’ Bug,…thank goodness No Angry Face, hehehe….LOL !!!!!
    we still Love U Nanook,….cheers, luv , Mum and Papi

    January 13, 2012

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