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Desert Rats (pt.2)

Hello all!!!  Sorry for the delay of Desert Rats part deux.  In our last episode (post), we found our adventurers (Jeff + I) making their way around the bleak, expanse of the deserted, questionably scented Salton Sea.

After enjoying the ripeness of the Salton Sea Beach Marina, we made our way south to loop around to the East side of the sea.  If y’all are planning to go this route, get ready because it’s a good hour 1/2 of driving through some pretty boring agricultural landscape + a gross stockyard that makes me want to go vegetarian again.  Blech.  The stench of the overcrowded stockyard makes the Salton Sea smell like roses.










Finally, we entered the town of Niland.  Here is Niland:

I learned that the name Niland came from the Imperial Farm Land Association “Nile Land” as it was a land of fertility.  Hmmmm, notsomuch.

Our main purpose for making a stop in Niland was to visit the famous, “Salvation Mountain”.  It’s kind of hard to find.  Make a right on Main Street from Hwy 111 if you’re heading north, drive for a couple miles + there it be in all it’s glory!!!A folk art monument created by Leonard Knight to show his everlasting love for God.  Built entirely of adobe, cement, clay, glass + donated cans of paint!!!  Pictures do not do it justice – it’s meant to see in person, wander around + climb upon!  It even has it’s own website!



































Can you see the donated cans of paint on the ground?

The entrance to another wing of the mountain.


















Candy colored branch “beams”.




















One of my favorite aspects of the mountain – cool streams of water flowing into lakes.














Views from the top of the mountain.

























Leonard Knight unfortunately has succumbed to dementia + alzheimer disease + has been taken to a full-time care facility.  I would have loved to have met him, as he used to live in one of his painted trucks below Salvation Mountain.  He had many plans for Salvation Mountain, + will never be able to see them finished.  But, Salvation Mountain has been entered into the Congressional Record in 2002 as a National Treasure + the land belongs to Leonard Knight!  Leonard Knight’s dream + labor of love will be maintained + enjoyed by people for I hope a long, long time.  Please visit!!!  I plan on going to the mountain again to spend more time there.

Well, my dear readers I hope you enjoyed this episode of Desert Rats, please stay tuned for more……

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  1. kengo kenny nishino #

    aloha, Nanook, i’m sure Mum’sie would simply adore visiting, Salvation Mountain, actually
    it looks pretty Kool, i’ll have to take Mum, there one of these day’s, Mahalo, papi
    ps: again sum terrific photo’s !!!!!

    January 8, 2012

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