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Two Peas In A Pod

Two peas in a pod.  That’s what my mom says about Jeff + I.





Today we took a trip to our local Salvation Army.  Look…at…what…I…found…….


















A vintage Mongolian Lambswool coat!!!  It’s the first thing I saw when I walked in + my internal-fantastic-thrift-store-find sonar was going off the charts! Target at 12 o’clock!!!  I snatched that thing up fast!!!  Jeff did not approve because it was pretty expensive for a thrift store, but I rationalized that if I saw this magical coat at a vintage store in Los Angeles, it would be 3 times the price.  My shopping savvy was validated when two ladies behind me in line gasped, “Is this yourrrrrrs????!!!”.  “Put it on, put it on!!!!” they chanted.  When I donned my luxurious find, they literally squealed + screamed, “IT’S SO YOU!!!!!”.  They were freaking out so much, I felt like Justin Beiber!

My mom said I looked like Cher + Jeff is my Sonny, except Jeff’s probably a foot taller than Sonny.  Here is my Sonny:



















Rest assured, y’all.  He didn’t actually buy any of it, but he paraded around the store in this outfit for quite a while – with confidence.  Reason #273 why I love Jeff!!!

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  1. alex hopp #

    that jacket is AMAAAAAAZIIING! so jealous!

    January 8, 2012

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