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Has Anyone Heard of Krampus???

One night recently, I was looking at images on Google for Victorian Saint Nick etchings (don’t ask me why).  All of a sudden, up popped this image: OMG!!!  YIKES!!!!!  What the heck is that?!?!  That…is Krampus.  After doing some research, I learned that Krampus is a mythical devil-like creature recognized by most Alpine countries.  His roots are said to be pre-Christian Germanic.  This disgusting looking monster was Saint Nicholas’s pal, accompanying him to the houses of children.  St. Nick would determine if a child was naughty or nice.  If he/she was naughty, Krampus would swoop the child up into his basket + drag him to hell to finish him/her off as a tasty Christmas dinner.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!  Maybe if the Krampus folklore still loomed about today, children might be more inclined to behave before Christmas!  Now they’re just threatened with lumps of coal from Santa.  And they’re all smart enough to know that’s not going to happen!  Modern kids are savvy!!!!  I know, I know, it is not appropriate to frighten children into behaving with the idea of a horned devil with a ridiculously long tongue, cloven hooves + switch.


He scares the bejeesus out of me!!! 

Krampus brings a little bit of spice to the Christmas season.  My friend Cacey calls me, “Scrooge” for my apathetic attitude towards the holidays.  All the saccharine sweetness + sentimentality are not my forte.



Jeff arrives tomorrow + I’m beyond thrilled!!!  We have not spent much time together since the wedding!!!  That’s too darn long, I tell you!  I’ve been trying really, really hard to get into the Christmas spirit lately.  Jeff LOVES LOVES LOVES Christmas.  I downloaded one Christmas album last night, because it’s all I could stomach.  Meh. I’m trying my hardest to love it.  My family has never been a huge Christmas family. My mom always thought it was too commercial + pagan.  It could also be a cultural thing, since she was born in Japan.  We’ve always had a Christmas tree + decorations, but a huge emphasis has never been placed on a majority of the holiday traditions most North American families share.  Maybe Krampus will become part of Jeff + I’s new family tradition!  I jest!  I jest!!!!!  It’ll be interesting to see what our Christmas as a couple will consist of in the future!!!

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  1. mom #

    Well ! Just keep it simple, CHRISTMAS is all about JESUS AND IT’S GOD’S GIFT: WE CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST.!!!!!!!!

    December 24, 2011
  2. kenneth chief nishino #

    aaaHHHHH, yes, XMas, is over with much fan-fare with heaps and heaps of
    grind’zeee 4 XMas Day, with friends and family, Nanook, we’ve alway’s enjoyed
    the Holiday’s….Bah – Hum’bug,…ha ha ha….LOL, mahalo nui loa, Papi

    December 27, 2011
  3. alex hopp #

    interesting- never heard of Krampus but my mother was raised in Belgium with tales of Zwarte Piet, who was Santa’s sidekick and if you were naughty…he would whisk you off to SPAIN as punishment! Imagine the horrors! 😛

    January 8, 2012
    • Yes!!! Black Pete is the same devilish creature as Krampus!!! But, Spain?! That’s hilarious!!!

      January 10, 2012

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