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Time to Rewind

Huzzah!!!!!  This is a week to truly celebrate!!!!  In a mellow, non-party like + zen manner!!!  Tuesday, my renters moved into my condo + Wednesday was the last day of shooting!!!  It is time for me to straight up chillax like a pampered house cat!!!! 

My mom said, “Now it is time for you to really rewind.”.  I said, “Huh?  What are you talking about?  Ohhhhh, do you mean unwind???”.   She replied, “Yeah. Unwind.  That’s what I meant.”.  My mom’s Engrish is unbeatable. I should put her in a Engrish competition – if such a competition ever existed.

I’m so tired + brain dead.  This is how I feel: 

My body is a stiff, aching wreck, y’all.  My mind is as blank as a sheet of paper.  I’ve been moving every weekend for about 5 weeks while working every day for around 14 hours.  I’m really looking forward to having tomorrow be all about whatever I want it to be.

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