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Today was really rough, I’m not gonna lie.  Luckily my mom + dad came to help my poor, broken soul with cleaning out the condo.  How else could I have done it?  My bones felt like they were made of shark cartilage. 















Handed the keys to my renter Emi.  It’s official.  I’m out.  I couldn’t even be celebratory, nostalgic or sad about leaving Little Tokyo because I’m SO TIRRRRRED!!!!!

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  1. mom #

    Your condo was squeaky clean. Congratulations! Bye bye Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA.
    Sayounara 小東京

    You worked so much. Hope you get energetic soon. Rest well!
    Love you and praise God,

    December 12, 2011
  2. kenneth chief nishino #

    sad sad, we R all gonna miss visiting U in Li’l Tokyo, aaah vision’s of eating at
    Sushi Gen, spin in my thoughts, and my mouth salivate’s but si’ si’ si’, we still
    have the Latigo Kid in Agoura,…gawd, ur place looked so sparklingly clean it
    was a amazing transformation, but my oh my U and Jeffrey, definitely are 2 peas
    in a pod, …pack-rat’s as i don’t think i’ve ever seen our garage filled 2 the gill’s!!!!!
    ok, U R..” Out ”,…and back in ole Agoura Hill’s,…take care, Nanook, C U soon!!!!!
    & papi

    December 14, 2011
  3. oh wow shelli! i know this must have been very hard for you. i am excited to see you have a blog too and will have to catch up now on your life! congratulations on the canuck – he’s very handsome – you two make a cute couple. : ) i hope to see you again soon! perhaps we can carpool to the hospital to visit 80 and her baby!!!

    December 19, 2011
    • YES!!!! I can’t wait for the baby to get here! Let’s!!!!

      December 21, 2011

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