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Lunar Eclipse + Snuggles

Aaaaaah, working at nights.  How exhausted + turned around you make me.  You old foe.  I got off work this morning at 6:30 am.  The benefit to this was that I was able to witness a total lunar eclipse!!!  Apparently the next full lunar eclipse won’t occur until 2014.  I’ve never seen one before!  Ever!!!  As we were wrapping, I saw the moon slowly recede, + at 6:30am the moon had turned to a reddish hue (the moon takes on this new color because sunlight is still able to pass through Earth’s atmosphere and cast a glow on the moon).  My co-workers + I were running along Hollywood Boulevard in the dark, early morning like crazy people chasing the best view of the red moon past the luxury hotels + before it hid behind the mountians!!!  Oh, it was so cool + exciting!!!!  I couldn’t get a picture, but here’s what it looked like: 


Creeeeepy.  Yes, there are happy moments that occur when working in the film industry at night.  You get the delightful surprise of ending your hard, torturous, painful week by sharing a beautiful full lunar eclipse with your wonderful friends/co-workers while you marvel on nature’s miracles.  Those are the special, spontaneous moments that occur that make me realize that I appreciate the unstructured environment that I work in.


Well, nevertheless I was pretty much a useless blob today.  I was supposed to clean the condo with my sister today at 11am.  That would have put me at 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  I canceled the cleaning date + decided to go about the day at my own pace.  Woke up at noon, sauntered over to the condo around 1:30 + decided to just snuggle + hang out with Megumi for most of the afternoon. 




It looks like I’m torturing her + putting her in a choke hold, but believe me when I tell you dear readers –  she was purring the entire time.







I’m going to eat your face!!!!!














See?!  It’s no joke.  We are so in love with each other.  Jeff’s feline allergies will never tear us apart!!!  There is nothing like a warm, furry creature’s unconditional love to comfort you when you’re feeling down + out in Little Tokyo.  I tidied up for a couple of hours + boned out of there.  Basically, I got nothing done.   Tomorrow will be a different story….time to man up!!!!

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