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If Not For Family

Still working nights.  Blech!  If it wasn’t for my family with all of their endless love + support, I would not be able to move out of + rent my condo!

Even though I haven’t moved to Canada yet, my mother, father + sister have been extremely instrumental in helping out with my rental. This is due to the fact that working 14 hours on a film set at night is not a conducive environment for making any kind of arrangements!  And my father understands this argument, considering he worked as a 1st assistant cameraman for over 30 years!  Thank God for him!

My mother is + will be acting as my property manager due to the fact that one day, hopefully (!!!!!!) I’ll be moving to Vancouver +  my renters’ first language is Japanese.  Mind you, I’m conversational in Japanese, but not to a point where I can discuss the transference of bills or about stem cell research.  My mother is my personal secretary!!!  Thank God for her!

In addition, this weekend my sister Ashley is going to suffer through the final cleaning of the condo before the move-in.  Thank God for my sister!  Not to mention all the moving that we’ve done every weekend for the past couple of months!!!  If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish ANY of these undesirable tasks!!!!!  And for this, I am eternally grateful!!!!  I love you all so much!!!!!

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  1. kenneth chief nishino #

    aloha, ur welcome, daughter dearest for all the help, U NO we always
    have ur back, thats a given, yep, working nite’s is a complete drag but
    endure and on Thurs. the Eagle Fly’s, and it’s a good thing, ca’chink !!!!
    ok, have a good nite, get some sleep and rest, who luv’s U, Mum & Dad

    December 14, 2011

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