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My So-Called Occupy LA

When Jeff was visiting, we were taking a walk to the MOCA museum + decided to give the 99%ers a visit at City Hall.  It’s only a few blocks from my house + we thought we’d go see how the movement was chugging along.  All I can say is: ew.  Before we even entered the grounds, the smell of urine + alcohol were burning my nose hairs.  Gross!!!!  It smelled like a dark alley in downtown (in my defense, I know what dark alleys in downtown smell like because sometimes we have to shoot in them! Not because I’m a undercover street walker.).  First of all, this is the first thing I saw: 




















Seeing a man with a dirty green animal suit on with a spray painted green goatee is really not the way to help me take the movement seriously.  Those are two things I detest.  Adult men wearing animal suits + goatees.  I shudder.  Sorry, is it just me?  Instant skepticism had begun.


It was dirty as hell.  Oh wait, +  did I mention how much it REEKED????  And if I could collect the amount of dreadlocks from the participants heads, in the end I could probably fill an entire stadium with dead, chunky hair.  EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!  Gross!!!!  Number three on my detest list!!!  White people with dreadlocks!!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHH, it’s like visual poison to my system!!!!

This little man on stage was giving inspiring words of support, as wise + soulful as 6 year olds can be.  I couldn’t understand anything he was saying, but the dude on the right is like, “power to the people.”  For real.


The only thing I thought was cool was this guy that was building some weird eco architecture maybe inspired by Buckminster Fuller, (creator of the geodesic dome)?  Maybe I’m giving him too much credit + he’s actually just wanting to make something bitchin’.  Well, I wanted to talk to him + ask him all about it, but Jeff was like ready to motor.  I think it was all bumming him out.  I was surprised he wasn’t curious about this guy, considering Jeff is the architecture buff + all.  I thought he might want to rap with this dude.  But Jeff was walking so far ahead of me, he might as well have been jogging to get the hell out of there + leave me behind in the sandalwood haze. 








Ew.  Look at Jeff’s face.  Not impressed. So much trash!!!  And booze!!!  And Bob Marley crap (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Bob Marley, but people please!  How much Bob can you have in one place?!)!!!   And booths with people selling way overpriced tshirts + occupy wall street crap for personal gains!  We were way disenchanted + disappointed with what we had encountered.  The message of the movement has become so diluted + there seems to be no leadership.  If they’re really about the 99%, why don’t they go volunteer at the Midnight Mission???  Why not raise funds for bringing art + music back into the LA Unified school districts?  I’m all for it, but this was a gross, gross misrepresentation of the movement.  I don’t know.  It was a major buzz kill for sure.


On the other hand, I have found renters for my condo!!!  They are coming to sign the lease on Tuesday!  A nice Japanese couple, of course.  My local thrift store came today + picked up my ratty, cat scratched couch, my ancient tube TV that I got free off a Chinese woman + boxes.  It was funny, because the young guy noticed my paperback copy of Moby Dick.  He kept wanting to chat about it book club style + El Jefe (the boss) kept yelling at him in spanish to just roll the dolly straight + pay attention. 


So sad.  Starting to really empty out.  I’m going to miss Little Tokyo SO much!!!!  I’m so lucky to have lived here for 5 years!!!  I’ve got to hit all my favorite spots before I move to Rocky + Kenny’s.


Megumi can sense what’s going on…+ she does not like it one bit!!!

Not. One. Single. Bit.

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  1. Lizzzzzzzzzzz #

    Ya – Megumi looks super pissed! But I am sure she will be treated like a princess at Rocky and Kenny’s….
    And – totally, what is up with all this “occupy everywhere” and make no point shiz? It’s just an excuse for all those rubbies to get together and frock-rock. It totally bums me out….

    November 23, 2011
    • Megumi IS super pissed!!!!!

      November 26, 2011
  2. kenneth chief nishino #

    ha ha, megumi, is not a happy camper kitty cat for sure !!!!!!!!

    November 27, 2011

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