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Lofty Goals

Jeff is coming to visit this weekend!!!!!  He arrives tonight at 6:45 tonight + leaves Monday at 9pm.  Very quick trip.  The main goal was to paint + do last minute fix ups to the condo which we assumed would be rented by now.  Still no takers.  Kind of a bummer.  But I’m still glad he’s coming to visit because I won’t see him again till the day of Christmas Eve.  I just can’t wait to have our own home in Canada!!!!!!  AAAAAARGH!!!!

Well, I had even bigger goals this past week.  As I said on my previous post, I’ve been working a night schedule.  For example, I got off of work this morning at 6:30 + woke up today at around 3:30.  Sucky.  I wanted to get up earlier to clean up the house (i.e. de-Megumi the house) before he got here.  So my brain is a bunch of scrambled eggs from this schedule.  One of my goals for the past week when I woke up was to wear jeggings to work.  Yes, pull on jeans with an elastic waistband.  That’s all I wanted + cared about, I was so tired.  And since I left for work that day with jeggings on, my goal for the entire day had been successfully accomplished.  Even before I got in the car.  Bada bing.  Done.  I do not set the bar high my friends.  It does not take much to make me a happy person.  Oh + yes I can wear jeggings to work.  Don’t be jealous office ladies, because although I can wear comfy pull on pants to work, my work day is generally around 14 hours.  So chew on that!!!!

So excited to see Jeff!  I won’t believe it till I start driving to LAX to pick him up.  Gotta clean, because when Jeff looks at Megumi, my fluffy ball of gorgeous, angelic cuddliness:



















All he sees is this:

Darn you, cat allergies!!!!  We will conquer you + become a family!!!!!  We shall overthrow you!!!!  You’ll see!!!!!  Bye for now!

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  1. kenneth chief nishino #

    cute photo of Megumi’chan !!!!!!

    November 15, 2011

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