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Friends Forever!!!

First things first, I wanted to explain that I am not moving to Canada anytime soon!  Friends have been asking me lately, “When are you moving out of Los Angeles?”.  Well, my dearest friends, not until my immigration paperwork gets processed!  Jeff + I haven’t even turned it in yet, as it is not complete.  Once it is turned in, it could still take 6-7 months to process.  Booo!!!  Legally, I could live in Canada right now.  But since I can’t legally work there, I need to stay in Los Angeles + Jeff needs to work in Canada.  This little lady is not playing the housewife eating bon bons + watching daytime soaps (even though I secretly wish I could)!!!  Jeff says I gotta work till I pop one out!



I’ve meant to write up this post for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom’s best friends from high school, Ayako-san, Taeko-san, Tomiko-san + their respective husbands came to Los Angeles for a visit.  We had an “American” dinner (i.e. lots of beef + large portions) at my parents house + lots of beeru (beer)!!!  My mother + her friends sang their alma mater for after dinner entertainment.  It is tradition to sing this when they get together, as Tomiko-san is a music teacher.  Hang on + keep watching!  Towards the end of the video, the husbands feel a sense of exuberance + everyone starts clapping + joining in!

I’m so lucky to have had the chance to see my mother with her childhood friends, singing + telling stories!  They all attended the Saitama Kenritsu Kawagoe Joshi Koto Gakko.  What?  You don’t know what that means?  I’ll tell you.  It means: Saitama State, Kawagoe Womens’ High School. 



It is a pretty well respected womens’ high school.  Getting into a good high school is VERY important in Japan.  It’s our equivalent of getting into a good university.  In Japan, the emphasis + importance is placed on what high school you went to. By the time they get to university, they’re studied out.

My mother grew up in Saitma, where my family in Japan still live.  I can’t wait to see them again + introduce them to Jeff.  They will really think he is a white giant!!!

How amazingly special is this picture!!!???  From the left: Ayako-san, Taeko-san, Tomiko-san + my mum.  It’s so funny because my mom was rather frumpy in her youth + in her adult years she turned into a straight up DIVA. 

Aren’t they sweet in their gym outfits?  They told me that my mom was a dynamo at the hurdles.  She would run + jump over the hurdles like a gazelle on caffeine.  All would watch with jaws dropped at her skillz.  This definitely did not get passed down to me. I can barely walk.







Ridiculous.  It’s like something from a Life publication.







I can’t stand it.  So cute.  There’s my mom in back chowing down on ramen like a champion.  Taeko-san on the left is a make-up consultant, + you can see it in her effortless style!  It was hard finding pictures of all four of them together, because usually one would be taking the picture. But they were always with each other.  BFFs!!!  2 Good 2 B 4gotten!!!!!

Ayako-san is a tea ceremony teacher.  Here, she is teaching me to whisk the matcha (very finely milled green tea) with a bamboo whisk.  She is politely watching my poor wrist action.  The goal is to whisk vigorously to create a froth + achieve a, “lake” appearance in your tea cup.  It’s harder than you’d think, y’all!!!  I was trying to whisk REAL hard without spilling tea everywhere!!!!  I think I actually burned a couple calories.


Ayako-san looking in my cup in astonishment.  No “lake” after all my vanquished efforts.  She is a master!  She whisked up a “lake” with zen-like movements of her wrist + nary a twitch from the rest of her body.  Like watching a hula dancer who’s hips are shaking, but the upper body remains completely still.



What a fun night!  A couple days later, my mom asked me if I wanted a cup of matcha.  I said, “Oooh, yes! Let’s!”.  Look at what she did!  She busted out the hand blender!!!!  No bamboo whisk!  Oh my Lord!!!  She’s been in America too long.  Good work, mom.  You’ll make your friends really proud.  She is unbelievable.  My mother never ceases to surprise me.




Okay, I have to say something!! Remember the kokeshi dolls I acquired from yesterday’s post?  Remember I said that Megumi was very curious about them in a creepy way?!  Well, yesterday, I had them all facing in a nice, obsessive-compulsive straight row.  This morning, when I went to admire them, THEY HAVE MOVED.  I’m not even kidding you guys + I’m not going crazy!!!!  I did NOT touch them, I swear!!!!  Neither did Megumi!!!  There’s no way she could have jumped up + pushed them around, because they didn’t move in alignment, but it’s like they twisted!!!  The middle one is twisting towards the smaller one + the smaller one has slightly twisted also!!!!  Satan, get behind me!!!  I’m keeping my eyes on these dolls…

Today, my parents came over with my dad’s truck to take a huge load of boxes to their house. 



My parents are freakishly strong + energetic.  I’m a very lucky daughter!!!  Bye for now!!!  Thanks for reading, everyone!!!!

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  1. cheri reed #

    i enjoy reading these, miss you shelli

    October 31, 2011
  2. Deb #

    I love all your posts Shelli but I think this is my favorite yet!!! I loved learning about Rocky’s childhood and seeing her with her best friends. Very, very beautiful!

    October 31, 2011
  3. I LOVE those pictures of your mom and her best friends. I think I’ve only seen like 1 or 2 pictures of Hiroko-chan as a young miss, but these around-the-town photos really capture her! Thanks for sharing them!

    October 31, 2011

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