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Commence Honeymoooon!!!!!

Hi!!!!!  Yesterday morning we packed our little butts off at the Anini house.  I’m going to miss the family so much!!!!  I mean, is this irresistable or what?!





















We rushed to Lihue Airport like bats out of hell.  We didn’t make our flight, we were put on stand by + ran to the gate + prayed.  We made it + were the last 2 on the plane!  Of course I didn’t take any pics because I thought Jeff was going to burst a spleen.  Here is our stop over in Honolulu Airport.








Here’s a tricky picture I took of the line of Japanese tourists waiting to get on the plane.  They were READY, y’all!!!  Tickets + passports out, y’all!!!  That’s the way we do it!!!!!








We arrived in Hilo + checked into our hotel the Hilo Hawaiian.  I knew Jeff would love it because it is funky + old school.  This is the view from our balcony.




















Hilo Farmers Market – hang loose, granny!!!








Will you be surprised when I tell you my dear readers, that we went to two thrift stores?  You’re all aghast, I know.  But it is a triumph when I convince Jeff that leaving a thrift store with only one gem + not 12 so-so items is a success. I found some sweet vintage muumuus, y’all!!!  Check out the hot lady behind the counter in the purple bikini.  Very Hilo.  Hilo has alot of rough characters.  Jeff was surprised by all the tattoos + thug like bruddahs.












Dinner at Ocean Sushi Deli.  My family has been going there for many trips.  It is relatively cheap + very local.  They have never let me down before, but I wasn’t as impressed this time around.  Still a really fun place to be, though!!!  I still recommend!!!

















Here I am irritable + impatient at Jeff who took my camera to adjust the white balance + ISO or somethinglikethat.  I didn’t realize he was taking a picture of me. We were both tired + crank, y’all!!!  Thus, the lack of good photos yesterday.  Oh hey – but check out the cranky couple behind me!!!  Classic!!!




















Then, it was back to the Hilo Hawaiian for early bed!!!!!!  More later!!!!!

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  1. CHIEF #

    Hilo Hawaiian, is really Old School, i stayed there bcoz the other Hotels
    were pretty nasty U NO dakine, kine !!!!! sorry U were disappointed at
    Ocean’s, maybe a new chef, HUH ??!!!?? did U hit, Hilo Bay Cafe, yet
    is fu’fu’ but mighty good, and the Vietnam Joint next door is Ono kine !!!!!
    when U hit Manago Hotel, U gotta get U sum, PooK’Chops 4 Sure !!!!
    ok, we just got home, hope ur enjoying ur Honeymoon, Guy’s !!!!!!!!

    September 11, 2011
  2. mom #

    How is going? Glad that you guys could able to rest and having a fun going around the thrift stores. Did you go to the Manago Hotel yet? Keep having a great honeymoon. Here in Agoura the weather is cool in the morning and night so enjoy the humility of Big Island as much as possible and soak up the sun. Lv you and Jeff.

    September 11, 2011

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