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Oh, Banff

This morning I woke with a crazy sore throat + general feeling of malaise.  I had a feeling it was creeping up on me.  Canada is very warm, cold, warm, cold.  And it probably didn’t help that yesterday I walked from the cabin to downtown Canmore in the rain.  Thus, I decided to take it easy today + be a tourist in Banff.

Banff is only a 15 min drive from Canmore.  This is not a very exciting photo, but I just wanted to show everyone what it looks like when I step outside the door.



The little black car in the photo is my rental car.  Cute, non???






There were ALOT of slowly driving confused tourists in Banff.  So I quickly parked near Bow River + hopped out of my vehicle.  The bridge was built in 1923.  The pictures do not do the color of the river any justice.








After eating lunch by the river, my first stop was to the Banff Indian Trading Post, of course.  I shopped there my first time in Banff as a recommendation from my then friend, Jeffrey Fayle.  This is also where he bought my Salish eagle engagement ring.  And it’s also where Jeff used to sell his leather goods when he was White Owl.  It is a very magical place for me.


















Readers, you will be shocked when I tell you that I did not buy anything from the shop.  My restraint was world class.  But, I’ll probably go back!!!!  Then it will be a bead purchasing massacre!!!!


After being in the Trading Post for 6 hours I went in to the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum









It had a great collection of beading + pow wow regalia.  But, there were really low grade, ghetto life size reinterpretations of Native historical + cultural events.  But you all know I actually love that kind of stuff.
























Here is Banff: 











There were so many Asian tourists in Banff, I fit right in.  There are so many Japanese tourists that many of the souvenir shops have Japanese written on their signs :  









Anyways, sorry for the relatively boring post.  I’ll feel better tomorrow.  Oh, here’s a couple pics from last night.  Karen + Kyle had some friends over + invited me to dinner.  Aren’t they nice???  I wish I took a picture of the spread!  They barbecued chicken, steak, lamb + yummy purple potatoes + roots!!!!








Look at that Juna!!!!  Isn’t she a live wire?!  She is a hoot!!!!!

Ta ta everyone, until tomorrow!

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  1. mom #

    Thank you for the pictures!!!!! Banff, it is so beautiful. Glad you are having the most exciting time there. I am praying for your cold. Blessings and Shalom, mom

    August 17, 2011

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