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An introduction is in order!!!

How completely rude of me!!!  It came to my attention that some of you guys live in other states and/or don’t know Jeff as well as some of you other gals do.  Here’s a simplified rundown.  Here we go.

1) Jeff is a costumer like me + we met as friends + comrades while filming Inception on top of a mountain that no one should ever have filmed on because I thought we were all going to die every single day in a blizzard of icy hell.


2)  Yes, yes.  He does say things like, “aboot” (about), “aroond” (around), + he does say “eh” alot.  Thus the title of the blog.

3) He is a little bit like a happy, sweet, floppy, human Muppet


3)  People have actually asked me what Canadians eat.  I tell them he only eats elk, moose + venison.

4)  He loves wearing hats









5)  I mean REALLY loves wearing hats








6)  Loves his gadgets a little too much.  If you spend enough time with us, at one point I’m sure you’ll catch me saying, “Ifyoudon’tputthatiphonedowni’mgoingtothrowitoutthewindow”.  Guaranteed.










7)  He is the sweetest, most patient giant with the biggest heart, + I can’t wait for us to get married!!!